Long-Haired Cats – TOP 10 Most Beautiful Long Haired Cats In The World!

Do you love long-haired cats?

If your reply to that question is yes, this list of the top 10 most beautiful long haired cats in the world will delight you.

My cat is the most beautiful.

It’s a statement most cat owners will relate to, yet certain breeds still stand out as queens of the long-haired felines. See how you like the top 3 beauties on this list!

Let’s take a look at the list of the Top 10 most beautiful long haired cats in the world:

Shall we?

TOP 10 Most Beautiful Long Haired Cats In The World

Top 10 most beautiful long haired cats in the world

Long-haired cats have gorgeous fluffy coats. Which one has the longest?

Of all cat breeds,…

…these long-haired cat breeds are on the list since they posess extremly big and fluffy coats. So, which cat breeds are they?

TOP 10 most beautiful long haired cats in the world:

10. The Turkish Van

This little sweetie has a single coat that feels like cashmere to the touch. The coat is not too maintenance-heavy, only requiring a brushing every week.

It’s a nice plus, right?

They shed very little, except during the spring and fall seasons when old hairs fall out, replaced by new ones.

Older Turkish Vans might make it…

…challenging to establish a regular brushing routine. It’s best to get them accustomed to it while they’re still young.

Their coat is water-resistant due to its silky texture.

Fortunately, frequent baths are not a necessity. It’s also a good idea to keep the Turkish Van indoors.

That way, they’ll be:

  • safe from dog attacks,
  • illnesses other cats might transmit,
  • and other dangers outdoor cats face.

Why are these cats among the ten most beautiful? You’ll often see advice suggesting to keep your Turkish Van inside.


Owners who let them go outside risk having them stolen by people who’d very much love to have such a rare and beautiful cat without paying for it.

Is that rare case?

Unfortunately., it is too often the case, which nonetheless speaks to their beauty.

Also, check how to find a lost cat.

9. The Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is quite a charming and elegant cat breed. The little beauties are also rather intelligent.

Like their fellow Turkish Van cats,…

…they sport a low-maintenance single coat that sheds very little. The shimmery white coat only reaches its full length once the cat is two years old.

The Turkish Angora’s most defining feature is their…

  • long, fine,
  • silky coat

…that appears to sparkle when they’re moving.

While many of them are pure white, there is a multitude of coat colors and patterns. Their posh tails are long and bushy, somewhat resembling a fox’s tail.

Are these cats good with children?

The Turkish Angora is kind to children, provided they are well-socialized.

They are a suitable choice for families who don’t mind monitoring their children to ensure they’re not pulling…

…on the cat’s coat or tail.

8. The Siberian Cat

This playful and kind-hearted Russian sweetheart will bring out a smile even during your blackest days. They are faithful cats who like helping you in your daily activities.

Isn’t that sweet?

Her thick Siberian triple coat should be combed or brushed a few times a week to prevent knots and tangles.

They shed seasonally,…

…in spring and fall, when they may require more care than usual. The undercoat thickens in cold weather.

The fur comes in all possible…

  • colors
  • and color combinations,

…either with or without white. Do Siberian cats require bathing?

Baths are only rarely needed, which is good news since their fur is highly water-resistant. Getting a Siberian cat wet enough for shampooing can prove…

…to be quite the challenge!

Still, these charming cats are notably affectionate and deserving of a lot of love.

7. The Persian Cat

Persian cats are quiet little cuties originating from Iran.

How best to care for Persian cats?

The most important part of caring for a Persian is their need for daily grooming. That lovely long coat…

…doesn’t clean itself!

It has to be thoroughly brushed and combed every day. Frequent baths aren’t a bad idea either – at least once a month.

Persian cats have a distinctive look:

  • a large, round head with eyes to match,
  • short nose,
  • full
  • cheeks,
  • small ears
  • rounded at the tips.

Their necks are thick and short, and their bodies deceptively sturdy and muscular.

The legs are short and heavy-boned, with large, round paws. The Persian’s tail is short yet still proportional to the size of their bodies.

The long, silky, fine-textured double coat tops off their look.

6. The Ragdoll

Very well known to most people, the blue-eyed Ragdoll cat rarely goes unnoticed. It’s no wonder – their beautiful coat makes for quite a sight!

The plush medium-length coat consists of:

  • long guard hairs,
  • but there’s not much of an undercoat.

And while this does result in reduced shedding, it doesn’t mean the Ragdoll doesn’t require any grooming!

Brushing your Ragdoll twice a week…

…with a stainless steel brush should clean up most dead hair that could cause tangles. Make sure to brush the hair on their legs thoroughly, especially where legs meet the body.

Ragdolls are…

…one of the largest domesticated cat breeds, reaching weights of over 20 lbs (9 kg). Incredibly fluffy cats, right?

Ragdoll cats have lightly-colored bodies with darker:

  • faces,
  • legs,
  • tails,
  • ears.

And how long does it take for a Ragdoll to reach its full size? Ragdolls are fully grown with full-length hairs once they’ve…

…reached 3-4 years of age.

5. The Himalayan Cat

Just like Persian cats, Himalayan cats are quiet, obedient, and very easy to like. Another thing they share with their Persian counterparts is that sweet face and soft, rounded lines.

Himalayan cats have:

  • large, round heads,
  • big eyes,
  • short
  • noses,
  • full cheeks,
  • small ears rounded at the tips.

Being so similar to the Persians, does care for Himalayans also look the same? The answer to this question is yes.

Himalayan cats need the same amount of:

  • brushing,
  • bathing,
  • love,
  • and attention.

In return, they’ll give you yet more love and loyalty.

Unlike the Persian cat, though, a Himalayan’s eyes only come in one color: a deep, vivid, piercing blue.

Beautiful, don’t you agree?

4. The Maine Coon

One of the first words that come to mind when you think of the Maine Coon is – “big.”

And that couldn’t be more true! Believe it or not, the longest domestic cat ever is a Maine Coon who measured at over 120cm (more than 4 ft)!

Of course, their size is just one of their many lovable traits, which include:

  • adaptability,
  • politeness,
  • faithfulness,
  • intelligence.

Who wouldn’t love having one of these majestic gentle giants at home? They don’t grow to their full size until they’ve reached 3-5 years of age.

Maine Coons have a…

  • soft,
  • silky

…coat that requires regular grooming. Brushing twice a week should be enough to remove the dead hair and distribute their natural oils.

A stainless steel comb is…

…an excellent choice for making sure the hair remains clean of tangles!

Maine Coons are patient cats, but they still dislike having their hair pulled. To be fair to them, we wouldn’t like it much either!

What about baths?

Bathe your Maine Coon as needed (it can vary anywhere from every few weeks to every few months). If their hair feels greasy to the touch or the coat looks…

…sticky, they’ll need a good bath.

Now let’s reveal the top 3 most beautiful long-haired cats in the world!

3. The Norwegian Forest Cat

This friendly, gentle cat is a delightful addition to any family, considering they love children yet don’t require constant attention.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is characterized by its:

  • long, thick,
  • glossy coat,
  • large size.

They have triangular-shaped heads pointed at the chin.

The ears are medium-sized with a rounded point. One more detail always accentuates their stunning looks – the eyes!

The large, almond-shaped eyes can be:

  • green,
  • gold,
  • or copper-colored.

White cats, however, can have blue eyes or even be odd-eyed (where one eye is blue and the other has a different color).

The bushy tail is as long as the body.

Norwegian Forest Cats need…

  • brushing
  • or combing

…once or twice a week. If you encounter knots or tangles, be gentle so as not to hurt the cat.

They have waterproof fur coats, so baths are rarely necessary.

As with Siberian cats, the Norwegian Forest Cats fur is so water-resistant that getting it wet enough for a bath can present…

…a significant challenge.

2. The British Longhair

These gorgeous cats are just like teddy bears.

They have:

  • beautiful fur,
  • sweet little eyes,
  • and a look that melts your heart.

Add to that their friendliness and intelligence, and it becomes clear why the British Longhair is perfect for any cat-loving household.

Their coat comes in a wide variety of colors, though you’ll often find them in tones of gray.

Other colors include:

  • white,
  • black,
  • and cream.

As the name suggests, British Longhairs and their lush coats require a daily regimen of brushing.

During shedding seasons, brushing will require more effort. However, those are lovely problems to put up with if you have the privilege of being in a British Longhair’s company.

Famous Instagram stars?

Yes, you heard it right! Smoothie The Cat is just one of many feline beauties who rule social networks.

Smoothie, in particular, has amassed over 2.2m Instagram followers.

Look her up at @smoothiethecat! After seeing the Queen of Fluff’s pictures, you’ll understand why! British Longhairs are simply irresistible!

And now, let’s reveal the most beautiful long-haired cat breed in the world.

Are you ready?

1. The Birman

The number one spot belongs to the long-haired queen, the Sacred Cat of Burma – the Birman breed.


  • lovable
  • and cute

…, they boast truly gorgeous hair. But they don’t seem to be aware of their beauty! If they need something, they will gently alert you using their quiet little voice.

Birmans have:

  • medium-length silky hair in a Siamese pattern (darker on their face, ears, legs, and tail),
  • a rounded face with medium-sized ears,
  • glossy blue eyes that give them their sweet expression,
  • white feet that make them look as if they’re wearing small white gloves.

Humble and kind,…

…they nevertheless enjoy getting attention from children. They also love to explore and appreciate being included in whatever you’re doing.

Does people love Birman cats?

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on their whereabouts since potential thieves won’t think too long before…

…snatching these beauties.

Most Beautiful Long-Haired Cats

Most beautiful long-haired cats

Every cat is beautiful in its particular way, and they all have something that makes them unique. However, most beautiful long-haired cats possess gorgeous fur that everybody loves.


In the previous part, you could see the top 10 most beautiful long haired cats in the world and now follow a quick overview.

Most beautiful long-haired cats are:

  • Birman.
  • British Longhair.
  • Norwegian Forest Cat.
  • Maine Coon.
  • Himalayan Cat.
  • Ragdoll.
  • Persian Cat.
  • Siberian Cat.
  • Turkish Angora.
  • Turkish Van.

Are you surprised by the list? I think not but if you know of any other beautiful long-haired cat breed make sure to leave a comment down below.

Will you?

If you already own one of the beauties from this list, I hope you’re enjoying your time with them and that you found helpful the…

…advice on their:

  • care
  • and grooming.

If, on the other hand, you’re considering getting one, it’s an excellent decision that I fully support. However, do consider adopting a cat rather than buying one.

Perhaps there’s a local animal shelter with a beautiful cat who’s waiting just for you!

You can save…

…them and give them a wonderful life, and they’ll know how to show you their immense love and appreciation!

Animals are deserving of a warm home and your love, and trust me – many of them will value your kindness even more than…

…many people do.

Final Words

In this article, you could see the list of the top 10 most beautiful long haired cats in the world. What you should have in mind?

Every cat is beautiful in its own way.

Wanna see more lists?

And finally, lists like this are always subjective. What long-haired cat breeds do you find the most beautiful?

Please share them with us in the comments section below!

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