Most Loyal Cats – Top 10 Most Loyal Cat Breeds In The World!

Would you like to see what are the most loyal cats in the world, and why? Lost of the TOP 10 most loyal cat breeds in the world will reveal to you that cat’s love and…

…loyalty is sometimes unquestionable.

Every animal has its way of showing love, attachment, and loyalty to their human, but cats sometimes excel at it.


As you’re about to see in the video, the top three cat breeds on the list can be exceedingly loyal pets and a man’s best friend.

Now let’s take a look at the list of the top 10 most loyal cat breeds in the world:

TOP 10 Most Loyal Cat Breeds In The World

TOP 10 most loyal cat breeds in the world

I made research and concluded which are the world’s most loyal cats. So, if you are looking for a loyal pet then you are in the right place.


Various cat traits exist that can either help or hinder loyal capabilities. Of all cat breeds, I selected the best ones.

Top 10 most loyal cat breeds in the world:

10. The Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair is a blend between the Persian and the American Shorthair cat. They are every bit as likable, playful, cute, and devoted.

The Exotic enjoys…

…playing for as long as you’ll play with them, but they also know how to have fun when their humans are busy or away from home.

They faithfully follow family members and patiently wait for attention.

The needs of Exotic Shorthairs are simple…

  • regular meals,
  • a bit of play with a toy mouse or a feather teaser,
  • a lot of love,

…which they return in an even larger manner. You can seldom hear Exotics, but when you do, it’s a quiet, pleasant,…

…and melodic voice.

9. The Abyssinian

These cats have a very distinctive appearance, with short hair and a wedge-shaped head.

They’re not quite fluffy kittens who love being pets, but they are very devoted and love children and other pets.

These cats are incredible:

  • curious
  • and playful.

Of all the cat breeds, the Abyssinian is the one that lives its life the largest. Why?


  • climb higher,
  • jump farther,
  • play harder.

Nothing escapes these highly intelligent and curious cats. These traits make life with the Abyssinians endlessly fun and continually challenging.

They are remarkably

…adaptable and fit well into any home where they can find love and attention. If left to their own devices, they may dismantle the house on their search for something exciting!


Abyssinians can be prone to diseases. Once you get an Abyssinian, you’ll find out that no other cat is like them!

8. The Persian

With their adorable eyes and facial expression, it’s no wonder that Persians are considered some of the most beautiful cats in the world (check most beautiful long haired cats).

However, they also happen to be some of the most loyal!

What’s the reason?

They tend to show their affection to their loved ones, which makes them one of the most loyal cat breeds in the world.

Don’t be surprised if…

…they suddenly jump into your lap and try calming you down after a long, hard day. They communicate with their expressive eyes and their soft, melodic voices.

Persian cats are cats:

  • with a calm and undemanding personality that love to cuddle,
  • are playful
  • and curious.

They’re not jumpers or climbers. Instead, they sit on the sofa or a chair or play with their favorite feather toy.

What Persians love?

Persians love peaceful and predictable environments, but they can adapt well even to louder  environments as long as their needs…

…are understood and met.

7.  The Siamese

The talkative Siamese cat has no problem declaring its devotion to people.

Siamese cats

  • love
  • and desire

…attention, and if they’re loyal to you, they’ll follow you all around the house.

Siamese cats demand quite a bit of attention, but they’ll also give you tons of it back! This playful and intelligent little beauty gets very attached to its family…

…and has a lot of love for them.

They’ll often form strong bonds with their primary carer.

They can even get jealous of…

  • other pets
  • and people

…who are getting more attention! Siamese cats generally like being where you are.

They’ll follow you around the house or garden and will usually decide to spend time in the same room as you (even if that room is the bathroom).

They adore sleeping in your bedroom.

6. The Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is a friendly and faithful cat that gets very attached to its owners. However, they may select one or two family members as favorites.

Turkish Vans are very

  • active,
  • athletic,
  • and playful,

…even in advanced age. This very smart, but sometimes clumsy cat is a rare breed that’s difficult, albeit not impossible, to find.

Are they good human companion?

If you’re lucky enough to share your home with such a loved and valued furry friend, your reward will be a playful, energetic, and loyal companion.

Sounds good, does it?

5. The Maine Coon

As these beloved cats grow, so does their loyalty to you. The Maine Coon can get very attached and always wants to be where you are.

Isn’t that true loyalty?

They earned their moniker “gentle giant” since they treat strangers like friends. They also tend to be gentle toward children and other pets.

The kind and attentive Maine Coon adapts well to varying:

  • lifestyles
  • and personalities.

They love being with people and have a habit of following them. They’re happy when they get attention, but if you’re busy, they are content with…

…just observing your actions.

Close the door, and they will patiently wait for you to realize your mistake and let them inside.

Maine Coons aren’t lap cats, but in any case, they love being near you.

4. The Devon Rex

Would you like a cat that loves cuddling?

The kind-natured Devon Rex loves to cuddle, so save your best cuddles for them! Gentle by nature, they are always ready to play with you.

These cats…

…also love riding on your shoulder, and it won’t be difficult for them to convince you they’re very charming!

The Devon Rex is extremely curious about everything that’s going on, and they hate it when you leave them out of your activities.

Count on them staying as close to you as possible.


At times, you’ll hear their quiet voice stating an opinion.

They love people and equally greet their family and the family’s friends.They are also smart cats with a moderate degree of physical activity.

The active and sociable Devon Rex is a perfect choice for families with:

  • children and
  • with dogs well adapted to cats.

And now for the top 3 most loyal cat breeds in the world.

Let’s take a look!

3. The Russian Blue

The Russian Blue cat has a reputation for being gentle, quiet, and even a bit shy. Don’t take that the wrong way though!

These cats may be quiet by nature, but they love:

  • playing,
  • jumping,
  • and climbing.

Russian Blue cats prefer finding high places from which they can observe humans and situations, and only then deciding if they’d like to join in.

Thoughtful and deliberate cats, wouldn’t you say?

Visitors will not receive the undivided attention of a Russian Blue. The cat may not even show itself unless it decides the guests are worthy of its presence!

Still, to their family members, and especially their favorite person,…

…the Russian Blue cat is:

  • always loyal,
  • follows them around the house,
  • and even likes riding their shoulder.

These cats are sensitive and dislike feeling ignored. A Russian Blue cat will get hurt if they don’t receive the same amount of attention they give.

A lack of attention can make them anxious or afraid.

2. The Ragdoll

Although you won’t find Ragdoll cats on the list of the most intelligent, they are amazing in their unique way.


They are likable and extremely devoted, and kids adore them. There’s plenty of reasons!

Which ones?

Other than their beauty, these cats are very faithful to their family. Ragdoll cats also tend to have exemplary behavior.

Their soft little voice…

…reminds you to feed them or asks you for some cuddles, but they’re not overly loud. They are generally pleasant cats, and it’s easy to live with them.

You can often find them lounging around on the…

  • bed
  • or couch,

…but generally not on anything higher up. Why?

As you can probably guess, their loyalty is one of the main reasons! Ragdoll cats prefer staying on the same level as their humans, rather than taking up the highest point in the room.

In just a few moments, you will see the most loyal cats in the world!


1. The Egyptian Mau

This kitten might look wild with its naturally spotted coat, but don’t worry! The Egyptian Mau is incredible when it spends quality time with its favorite people.

They are very polite cats.

You will most likely find them waving their tail and munching on their paws in the lap of their favorite owners. Cute, right?


  • active
  • and playful,

…they are perfect for families with children. The Egyptian Mau is smart enough to stay away from toddlers.

However, they love school-age children since they match their:

  • energy levels
  • and curiosity.

This beautiful cat is not afraid of anything, not even dogs. They’ll gladly make friends if the dog doesn’t pose a threat.

The Egyptian Mau is a playful and friendly cat.

Most Loyal Cats

Most loyal cats

After hearing these extraordinary traits of some of the most loyal cats in the world, few people would remain stoic in the presence of these lovely creatures.

Each of them tries to…

…express love and devotion to their humans in their particular way. Every owner of these cats should know how to appreciate them.

Do you agree?

In the previous part, you could see the top 10 most loyal cat breeds in the world and now follow a quick overview.

Top 10 most loyal cats:

  1. Egyptian Mau.
  2. Ragdoll.
  3. Russian Blue.
  4. Devon Rex.
  5. Maine Coon.
  6. Turkish Van.
  7. Siamese.
  8. Persian.
  9. Abyssinian.
  10. Exotic Shorthair.

Are you surprised by the list? I bet you do and I bet you didn’t know that much about these cats.

Am I right?

Final Words

In this article, you could see the list of the top 10 most loyal cat breeds in the world.

What you should have in mind?

While cats may not be able to talk, we all know that true love isn’t in words, but in actions! Wouldn’t you agree?

Most loyal cats know how to showing love, attachment, and loyalty in action.

Wanna see more lists?

I hope you enjoy the list and I hope you will enjoy reading them too.

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