The Best Ways to Stop Your Dog From Chewing? Stop Dog Chewing Problems Right Away!

Dog Chewing has become an issue of major concern to most Dog owners in today’s society. Why do dogs chew? This has become a question to all the people who own dogs. The answer to this question varies and it mainly depends on the dog who is chewing. In this article, I am going to discuss…

  • How to get a dog to stop chewing?
  • How to stop dog chewing?
  • How to stop dog chewing problems?
  • How to stop a dog from chewing?
  • How to stop your dog from chewing?

The chewing problems are not rare. It can lead to the damaging of your staffs. So you have to act quickly in order to stop dog chewing problems. The first thing you need to do is to determine why does your dog chewing and in just a few seconds you will see the most common reasons why dogs chew.

Why Does My Dog Chewing?

Why Does My Dog Chewing
Some of the common reasons why dogs chew are:

  1. Because of boredom.
  2. Anxiety caused by separation.
  3. Teething of the puppy.
  4. The normal behavior of a puppy when acquainting with new things.
  5. Hunger.
  6. Dog lack exercise.

Most of the cases occur in young dogs which are still growing. It is a natural behavior with them since they are accustomed to trying out new things. They usually go around licking, sniffing and chewing things that come their way.

Do you have a situation where older dog chewing suddenly?

For dogs which are relatively older and have suddenly developed or carried on the habit of chewing, this might not be normal. Chances are that the dog might be having a problem. Meanwhile, it might also be normal because when they get bored they channel the energy they have into chewing.

In just a few seconds you will see how to get a dog to stop chewing.

How to Stop a Dog From Chewing?

How to stop a dog from chewing?
As already noted, dogs chew because of various reasons. The reasons for puppies are very different from the reasons that cause chewing in older dogs. This calls for specific measures to be used to counter the distinct causes. If your dog mainly chews on…

  • phone chargers and cables,
  • wood trims
  • and dirty clothes

…especially socks, it is highly possible that this happens because of boredom. There are many ways to stop your dog from chewing. I want to point out the best ways so let’s see them.

The Best Ways to Stop Your Dog From Chewing

Dogs are very energetic, they have a lot of energy that they reserve from the food they eat so if that energy is not used well, it will be redirected to destructive behaviors by the four-legged babe.
If you want to learn how to stop a dog from chewing everything then you are in the right place. Here are the ways in which you can stop a bored dog from chewing:

1. Engage the dog in playing activities

This can be done either indoors or outdoors. Playing activities help the dogs utilize the rather excess energy which could have gone to waste if let idle. The process burns the energy and satisfies the need of the dog for companionship. This will make them have no appeal towards gnashing on dirty clothes or munching shoes.

2. Exercise your dog on a daily basis

This helps to mentally stimulate the dog as it tires out the dog. The act of your dog chewing out things like carpets when they are bored results from a lack of physical activities. Inactiveness makes them do things that are unexpected to them.

In case your dog goes back to the previous habits even after taking the preventive measures there are actions that you can take to counter their unending habits:

3. Develop a safe place for your dog

In many cases dog chewing furniture when left alone. Do you want to see how to stop a dog from chewing furniture? If you develop a safe place for your dog you can easily resolve the problem.

This does not take a lot of resources. You can design a corner of the room or an indoor of a kennel and make it as cozy as possible. This should be dependent on your choice so long as the place is safe and comfortable for the dog while it is alone. The dog will enjoy and appreciate the place.

4. Put in place a pet camera

This is put in place to remotely monitor the activities of the dog. With this, you prevent the dog from destructive activities when you are away from home.

In both case having the best supplies for the measures will make the process much easier for the dog owner. How do you stop Dog-chewing?

5. Get a chew toy for your dog

This helps mainly to restrict the dog from chewing inappropriate items while in your presence.

The measure will help interrupt its behavior and it will become much accustomed to the chewing of the toy that you will be giving it.

It can be very strategical to have a…

…stuffed in your freezer so that you produce it whenever you need it. All dogs have specific times which they always feel like chewing.

If you keep a close eye on your pet, you will notice the specific times which it needs to chew. When these times reach, you will be knowing what you need to do.

You react by giving them the chewing toys.

6. Have a Dog-proofed house for your dog

Managing your environment is one of the most crucial things you always need to do if you keep a pet at home. Changing the behavior of your dog will rely much on how you have managed the environment.

All dogs regardless of their age need to be managed according to where they stay. The more accustomed they become to their environment, the better they get in their behavior.

7. Use repellents and sprays which have tastes and smell

Keeping dogs and puppies away from some items at times become very difficult, this at times calls for you to use impersonal measures to correct this. This applies mainly in situations where the natural environment has not been able to control the situation. You might ask yourself: What is the best dog anti-chew spray? You can use repellants such as:

  1. Boundary Dog repellant.
  2. Bitter Apple spray.

Or use a Scat Mat at edges of countertops to stop counter sufferings. The repellants operate with the same principle as a child touching a hot metal; automatically he/she becomes repelled.

If something unpleasant happens to the target; whether a child or the dog, it will never repeat the action since it is cautious of the repercussion.

8. Make sure the dog is not suffering from separation anxiety

Occasional chewing and tearing up of things is a sign that the problem is more serious than anticipated. This problem might be separation anxiety. Separation anxiety calls for you to seek an appointment with your veterinarian. The situation needs to be corrected when it is still manageable.

9. Be as gentle as possible to your dog

There are a few books and articles on dog keeping which advocate for the same message of gentleness to your dogs. They advocate for humane methods for stopping your dogs from committing destructive behaviors.

Inhuman acts against the dogs can be acts such as putting duct tapes on their mouths or even physically hitting them. These are atrocious acts against the pets and there is no excuse for such correction measures.

The methods are not only unfair but have also proved to be ineffective over the years. The use of proper management acts such as caring for the dog when it is not under close supervision has proved to be a proper measure of the destructive behavior problems of our pets.

How to Stop Dog Chewing Problems?

Soon, the problems that your dogs do have will be sorted out completely. The damages sometimes are unexpected and cause very serious problems. Though the dogs make good use of their…

  • sense of smell
  • and sight to explore

…their surrounding their best ways to take in information is mostly through their mouths. For this reason, they need to learn what to chew and what not to chew. This is always the main responsibility of the owners.

The owner has to make sure that he restricts the dog from chewing on unacceptable objects. The following are the ways you can use to solve the chewing problems with your dog has:

1. Understand your dog

Just like toddlers, young ones of dogs explore their environment by putting objects in their mouths. Like human babies they also have temporary teeth, they teethe for about six months which usually makes them uncomfortable. Chewing is the only way they feel better when their teeth hurt. It helps reduce the pain.

Adult dogs, on the other hand, engage in such behaviors due to some other reasons. Firstly, you have to determine the reason why the dog is chewing what it is chewing and have in mind that they are doing it due to certain problems or conditions. This will help you come up with a proper remedy for your dog chewing problems. These may be some of the reasons why they chew destructively:

  1. They strive for attention.
  2. Suffer from separation anxiety.
  3. They are at times fearful.
  4. They were not taught what to chew and what not to chew.
  5. They become bored quickly.

There are times where you need to consult a behavior professional in animals for the help to determine the problem with your pet.

2. Teach your dog what it should eat and what it should not eat

This mainly depends on how responsible you are for your belongings. For the things you don’t want your dog to eat, never make them available for it. Keep all the unnecessary things away from it. Things such as books, socks, eyeglasses, and tv remote controls such are kept out of the reach of your dog.

Always make sure that you give your dogs toys that are distinguishable from household goods.

Don’t make a mistake of offering them things such as gloves and socks expecting that they will be able to distinguish them from your belongings.

3. Give your dog time as much as you give time to human beings (your friends)

If you don’t show concern for your dog and giving it your time and attention, it will not be able to tell what is wrong and what is right. You will not be able to instill the discipline levels you expect your dog to have on it. It will be behaving differently from what you expect.

4. Apart from physical exercise, give your dog mental exercise too

When your dog is bored, it will dare to do whichever thing they want to do just to amuse themselves. Most probably you may not like the choices they make. On the other hand, dogs which get worked up are good dogs, they rarely misbehave.

This calls for all dog owners to make sure that their dogs get a lot of physical and mental exercise. Before putting your dog into mental and physical work, you should consider their:

  • health status,
  • breed,
  • and age.

Here is how to stop your dog from chewing if it is boring; if you get your dog breaking rules or doing things that are contrary to your expectations, never violently interrupt them. Politely interrupt them and offer them an alternative to what they are doing at the moment.

This can be done by offering them a toy that can satisfy their urge at the time. After they take the toys into their mouth, praise them lavishly and make them feel loved at that moment. Make your dog obsessed with toys: this is one of the greatest solutions on how to stop dog chewing problems;

Use your dog’s toy to feed them during meals time. This can be done by filling a Kong-type toy with their kibble.

5. Make objects unpleasant for your pet

This is done by spraying repellants like Bitter Apples on furniture, which is an important equipment to make them unappealing to the dogs. Repellants should not cause any harm to your dogs. This calls for you to have a detailed information about your dogs’ health status. Use repellents that do not affect your dog’s health.

What tastes bad to dogs?

When your puppy is teething, you might ask yourself how to stop your dog from chewing; make an alternative clothing that the puppy can chew on to reduce the pain. It is much advised to use a wet cloth. A wet cloth will be able to sooth the pain in their gums.

Make sure you monitor your puppy closely so that they do not swallow any other piece of clothing. Always reward your dog whenever it does something exceptional like dropping an item that is in its mouth.

Why do you need to reward your dog?

As your dog gets to understand what is wrong and what is right like the idea of responding to a command of dropping an object that is forbidden from its mouth. Give an object as a reward to replace the item that has been dropped from the mouth of the dog.

How to stop dog chewing problems for a dog which kind of is ‘cheeky’ might also be a contentious question sometimes; never chase your dog when it commits foul. For example, when your dog grabs something and runs away never go after it.

If you go after it you will only be giving the dog what it wants. They enjoy the situation of being chased after by human beings. For them, it brings a lot of fun. Does this sound logical to you?

How to punish dog for chewing? What do you need to do?

Instead of creating all that circus call the dog to you and it will pleasantly retreat to give you whatever you wanted from it. Always keep your expectations for your dog realistic. This is a major tip that you should have in mind of you will not know how to stop dog chewing problems in your dogs.

Why You Should Not Ignore Dog Chewing Problems

Dog Chewing Problems
Always be sure that unexpected things always happen. Your dog will one day destroy something you value most. Having unrealistic expectations might make you frustrated most times when your dog does what you never expected them to do.

Just be cool with your dog. Cases of unrealistic expectations mostly occur when you bring in a new dog. Before it gets accustomed to the new environment it will always mess up. Your dog will need time to get used to the environment and rules that will soon become part and parcel of its stay at your place.

Should you take precautions?

At times the dog will take a very long duration to adapt. You have to be patient no matter what. All dogs are not the same so you have to treat each in the right way as you watch it develop and adapt. With this, you will need to take precautions and keep things out of the reach of the dog.

In conclusion, always keep your dog orderly and it will always be adhering to all the rules and guidelines you have for it. If you have a tendency of leaving your dog without good care, it might end up adopting bad habits from other people or other dogs which might not treat it well.

Your dog will always learn from you and the environment it lives in. This calls for you to be a very responsible dog owner in order to stop your dog from chewing.

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