Does My Dog Love Me? Top 10 Most Powerful Signs Dog Loves You!

Have you ever ask yourself question does my dog love me? There are specific signs of a dog’s love towards you and in the list, I show you the top 10 most powerful signs dog loves you.

Are dog love signs real?

Dogs are very sociable pets. In the past, they show affection towards the pack and they know how to show affection to their lovely owners too.

Ok, let’s see thetop 10 most powerful signs dog loves you, shall we?

Top 10 Most Powerful Signs Dog Loves You!

Top 10 most powerful signs dog loves you

The top 10 signs show you the only the most powerful affection reactions but note that there are many more.

However, these signs will definitely help you to:

  • better understand dog body language
  • better understand your dog
  • keep your dog happy.

Ok, now let’s proceed with the list of top 10 most powerful signs dog loves you:

10. A Dog Keeps Eye Contact With You

You probably hear that in the dog world staring at the eyes means indecency. However, when the dog is looking you in the eyes, a moderate period of time, then it is a sign of love.


When a dog looks you in the eyes and keeps in touch with you for a moderate period of time, in his brain is released a hormone of happiness.

The same thing happens when a dog looks at her puppies.

So in the dog world, longer eye contact is preserved only for special persons who make them happy and this is how they show they trust them and…

…of course, love them.

9. A Dog Is Leaning On You

Would you like to be around someone you don’t like and whose company makes you feel uncomfortable?

In the same way, as we people,…

…a dog is socializing and wants to be around people and animals it likes. If a dog is leaning on you it is a sign you make them feel secure and comfortable.

Even if the dog was:

  • scared
  • and nervous.

If the dog comes and leans on you it means you are his protector. In the end, who else could a dog love more than his leader, that is a strong and a good protector?

Sounds logical, does it?

8. A Dog Wants To Sleep With You Even When You Don’t Let Them

A Dog Wants To Sleep With You

A dog is letting you know he just wants to be around you, even when you are sleeping. In a dog’s world, it is a symbol of a dog’s love towards the pack.

Considering a dog is not living with a pack…

…it’s living with you so it symbolizes their love for you. A dog doesn’t want to separate from you because he feels safe, pretty and of course loves you.

So, even when the dog sleeps, he completely trusts you.

7. A Dog Follows You

Dogs are sociable animals.

To survive in the past, dogs followed the strongest member everyone trusted and loved. This instinct is still written in their genes today.

So if your dog loves you, it will faithfully follow you:

  • always
  • and everywhere.

Simply, it is a way they show their loyalty and love towards their leader. Even the dog breeds that like to go away and be independent, sometimes…

…will come and follow you.

6. A Dog Chews Your Things

Dog owners most likely don’t like seeing their pet chew their things, which is why their first reaction is of course anger.

However, when a dog chews your things it is a sign of love towards you.


Amazing dog’s sense of smell provides them the ability to smell you everywhere. If a dog loves you, this smell will make him happy.

So even though it doesn’t seem like that at first, chewing your things is a dog’s sign of love.

5. A Dog Constantly Wants To Please You

The incredible feeling of affection and dog love for the owner can also be seen when a dog is sick and sees a loved owner, it starts wagging his tail and wants to cheer them up.

Even healthy, sometimes a dog will:

  • listen to the order,
  • bring the toy,
  • eat the food,
  • eat medicine etc.

So, even if they don’t want or it is hard for them, they will do something just to please you. Satisfaction and affection with dogs must be deserved and this is definitely another…

…sign that a dog wants to tell you that he loves you.

4. A Dog Protects You And Is Jealous

A Dog Protects You And Is Jealous

To protect family members is natural to dogs, however, they are loyal and protect only family members they like.

Does your dog protects you and is it jealous?

Natural protective mood sometimes makes things difficult because the dog will become too jealous and aggressive (see how to stop dog aggression in 4 steps).

Dogs will become jealous of the animals and people you pay attention to.

So the dog wants you to pay all your attention to him, and though sometimes it is a bad sign, it is still just a sign of incredible love towards you.

In just a few seconds you will see the top 3 most powerful signs your dog loves you?

3. A Dog Brings You His Toys

A Dog Brings You His Toys

Bringing toys to owner experts often associate with dog’s desire to play and they are right.

However, be aware that if a dog brings you a favorite toy, then it has brought you the most valuable thing that it possesses.

Is there a greater sign of love?

Did you ever give someone the most valuable thing you own? If you did, you certainly didn’t give it to someone you didn’t particularly like.

So, the dog does want to play but also shows you incredible love and affection.

2. A Dog Is Laughing

Many scientists believe that dogs learned to laugh because they watched and followed us.

Either way, people laugh when they are…

  • happy
  • and satisfied

…with their pets. Same way, dogs will laugh when they are happy. So the smile in dog world is only preserved for persons and animals they love and to whom they show affection.

Also, look at your mood because dogs sometimes laugh when they want to cheer you up.

1. A Dog Jumps At You And Wagging His Tail

A Dog Jumps At You And Wagging His Tail

The jump is a dog behavior that many dog owners strive to prevent. It’s not best when you come home in nice clothes, and a dog that is very line-up starts jumping at you, right?

Yet it is a sign of:

  • happiness
  • and love.

A dog is overjoyed to finally see you around. This sign is also often followed by a rapid tail wagging. This is one of the best feelings about owning a dog.

A dog is so excited and happy that it:

  • runs around,
  • jumps,
  • smells you.

Most likely, no one will ever be so happy when you get home. On YouTube, you can see many dog videos where dogs can’t calm down when they see the owner after a long time.

Therefore jumping is a sign that your dog is welcoming you and showing his affection.

Does My Dog Love Me?

Does my dog love me

Does my dog love me is a question that many dog lovers all around the world strive to know. Well, dogs are extremely social, loyal and know how to express their gratitude and love.

Do you agree?

In the above part, you could see the top 10 signs for dog affection. I hope your dog often does the things listed above and is extremely pleased with you. Wanna see a quick list of dog love signs?

Top 10 dog love signs:

  1. A pet jumps at you and wagging his tail.
  2. A pet is laughing.
  3. A pet brings you his toys.
  4. A pet protects you and is jealous.
  5. A pet constantly wants to please you.
  6. A pet chews your things.
  7. A pet follows you.
  8. A pet wants to sleep with you even when you don’t let them.
  9. A pet is leaning on you.
  10. A pet keeps eye contact with you.

If your dog shows some other signs of love, you have suggestions or additional information, feel free to leave a comment below the video.

I would love to hear more.

Final Words

I hope you enjoy the list of top 10 most powerful signs your dog loves you. The list is created so you could get an answer to the question:

Does my dog love me?

The dog’s body language is simple. When it is happy, sad or in love, it knows how to show it. Now you know how your pet shows love.

Does your dog loves you and how does it show it?

Tell us below.

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