The Croatian Sheepdog Dog – All About Croatian Sheepdog Dogs!

The agile, humble, extremely loyal, and beautiful Croatian Sheepdog dog is an excellent livestock guardian.

They also make for great pets!

These energetic guard dogs are profoundly curious and always need to know what’s happening around them.

Would you like to see all about Croatian Sheepdog dogs?

TOP 8 most essential characteristics of the Croatian Sheepdog:

All About Croatian Sheepdog Dogs

All about Croatian sheepdog dogs

There are top 8 most essential characteristics I want to point out with this dog breed. As any other dog breed (all dog breeds a-z with pictures), the Croatian Sheepdogalso has both great traits and certain downsides.

TOP 8 most essential characteristics of the Croatian Sheepdog:

1. Character

This dog breed is an ideal livestock guardian and performs its duties effectively and intelligently.

Croatian Sheepdogs are:

  • lively,
  • loyal,
  • brave,
  • patient,
  • persistent,
  • intelligent,
  • attentive,
  • agile,
  • and hardy.

Do Croatian Sheepdogs bark often?

If a Croatian Sheepdog is barking, there is usually a good reason. They will bark to communicate and warn you of the arrival of strangers.

What are they like with children?

The Croatian Sheepdog loves children, doing its utmost to protect them, and is always ready to play.

Is the Croatian Sheepdog aggressive?

These are peaceful dogs who will only display their protective instincts and attack if they believe they are under threat.

2. How long do Croatian Sheepdogs live?

The Croatian Sheepdog lives for 13 – 16 years.

3. Care

Croatian Sheepdogs are energetic and require daily physical exercise.

They are

  • agile,
  • energetic,
  • and hardy dogs

…who adore running out in the open, jumping around, and playing with their families (usually flyball and frisbee).

Is there anything else?

Caring for them also includes occasional combing of their lush hair to keep the coat clean and healthy.

4. Training

Croatian Sheepdogs are easy to train since they are thoughtful, intelligent, and do their utmost to please their owners.

Successfully training a Croatian Sheepdog requires:

  1. Sufficient knowledge of dog training techniques,
  2. Staying active while training,
  3. Treats and praises,
  4. Consistency.

Active training sessions with plenty of treats and praises will have a highly motivating effect.

5. Weight

Croatian Sheepdogs tend to weigh 29 – 44 lbs.

6. Height

Croatian Sheepdogs are usually 16 – 20 in tall.

7. Are They Prone To Health Issues?

Croatian Sheepdogs are a generally healthy breed without any specific characteristic illnesses.

8. Dog Food

Selecting high-quality dog food will ensure your dog stays healthy and looking its best. These dogs are active and agile, and as such, they’re not prone to obesity.

Just make sure they always have access to fresh drinking water.

The Croatian Sheepdog Dog

In short, the Croatian Sheepdog dog is an excellent choice for families looking for a cuddly yet energetic guard dog, and especially as a livestock guardian.

Are they popular?

They’re a popular breed in their native Croatia due to their beautiful looks and excellent guarding characteristics.

Croatian Sheepdogs are an excellent choice if you’re looking for:

  1. an active family dog,
  2. an energetic guard dog,
  3. a dog to protect sheep and livestock.

Croatian Sheepdogs are NOT a good choice if you want:

  • an inactive dog,
  • a dog who will live indoors or in a house without a yard.

So will you choose a Croatian Sheepdog dog?

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