Sarplaninac Dog – All About The Sarplaninac Dog Breed!

The Sarplaninac dog is one of the strongest, scariest, and most independent guard dog in the world. Wanna see all about the Sarplaninac dog breed?

I know you do and that is why you are here.


Sarplaninac other names are Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog or Šarplaninac by the Šar mountain. OK, let’s not waste more time and proceed.

Shall we?

All About Sarplaninac Dog Breed

All about the Sarplaninac dog breed

As with any dog breed (all dog breeds a-z with pictures), the Sarplaninac breed has both great traits and certain downsides. What follows is an overview of the top 8 most important traits.

All about Sarplaninac dog breed:

1. Character

The character of the Sarplaninac is ideal for an independent guardian, whether of livestock or your home.

They are:

  • calm
  • and cautious.

When encountered with intruders who intend to harm their flock, they get very protective. It’s what makes the Sarplaninac excel in their guardian role.

They often serve not only as livestock guardians but also as loyal pets.

Sarplaninac dogs are:

  • independent,
  • protective,
  • intelligent,
  • stubborn,
  • decisive,
  • devoted,
  • loyal,
  • brave,
  • calm.

As with any other dog breed, I advise early socialization to let the dog get used to different people, children, places, and animals.

Does the Sarplaninac bark often?

Although the Sarplaninac is a highly protective dog breed, they don’t tend to bark too often. If they start barking, there is likely a good reason for it.

How does the Sarplaninac act toward children?

Sarplaninac dogs form a strong bond with their owners. Although they tend to only listen to one person, they’ll be good to all family members and protect them…

…from any harm.

The Sarplaninac is patient and gentle with small children.

However, if you have a young child, I advise keeping track of their interactions with the dog.

Dogs can become aggressive in situations when:

  1. they are showing signs of dominance,
  2. something is biting their ears or tail,
  3. their ears or tail are getting pulled,
  4. they are sleeping,
  5. they are eating.

Monitoring how the dog interacts with your children will enable you to prevent any unpleasant consequences of inappropriate behavior.

How does the Sarplaninac act toward other dogs?

As a guardian, the Sarplaninac will always position itself between its family and strangers or unfamiliar animals.

They’ll be tolerant…

…with animals that grew up with them, but they generally aren’t the friendliest toward other animals.

Is the Sarplaninac an aggressive dog?

Living in the mountains meant the Sarplaninac originated in a relatively closed environment with no other dogs but many wolves.

As a consequence,…

…they can be rough and scrappy guards. They also listen to only one owner.

However, the Sarplaninac is

  • intelligent
  • and acts

…on instinct. They display aggression only when they see a good reason for it.

2. How long do Sarplaninac live?

The Sarplaninac lives for 11 – 13 years. If you want to extend your pet’s lifespan check:

Top 10 things that extend a dog’s lifespan

3. How to train a Sarplaninac Dog?

Sarplaninac dog

The Sarplaninac is an intelligent dog breed, and when they learn commands and certain behaviors, they’ll remember them for life.

Still, many owners seem to run into problems trying to train them.


Although the Sarplaninac breed is intelligent, it is also extremely stubborn and independent.

They think for themselves and use what they’ve learned when they deem it necessary, not when you might like them to. You shouldn’t expect playfulness and great obedience.

Successfully training a Sarplaninac requires:

  1. sufficient knowledge of dog training techniques,
  2. starting while they’re young,
  3. persistence and consistency,
  4. treats and praises.

It’s vital to begin training when your Sarplaninac is still a puppy and to be persistent. Remember: the longer you wait to start training, the more difficult it’s going to get.

I recommend taking a look at my video…

…on the top 10 signs of dog communication to familiarize yourself with the non-verbal signs your dog is sending you, as well as learning how to react adequately to them.

4. Care

Their long and beautiful hair will require brushing to remove dead hairs, but not too often (once a week should do it).

Although they have…

…a long, thick coat, they have only a medium tendency to shed. The Šarplaninac is an active dog breed that needs roughly 60 – 70 minutes of activity each day.

5. Weight.

Female dogs weigh 66 – 88 lbs. Mature males weigh between 77 and 99 lbs.

6. Height

Females reach a height of 21 – 23 inches. Males are usually 22 – 24 inches tall. With its strong body and big head, it can look scary.

Check top 10 scariest dog breeds in the world.

7. Are they prone to health issues?

This is a large and generally healthy dog breed. Apart from hip dysplasia, there are no other typical…

…conditions or illnesses.

8. Dog food

Selecting high-quality dog food will keep your Šarplaninac dog healthy and looking its best. The best dog foods are:

  1. Top 6 dehydrated dog food brands
  2. Top 10 best dog foods for puppies

These dogs aren’t prone to obesity and are highly energetic, so make sure they always have access

to fresh drinking water.

What makes these dogs the right choice for you?

The Sarplaninac is an excellent choice if you’re looking for:

  • a loyal guardian dog,
  • an independent dog that reacts adequately to specific situations,
  • a quiet dog that doesn’t bark much.

The Sarplaninac is NOT a good choice if you want:

  • a dog that’s friendly toward everyone,
  • a dog that will live indoors without much physical activity.

Pictures of the Sarplaninac

And now for a few more pictures of the Sarplaninac:

Photo of a puppy:

Sarplaninac puppy

Photograph of an adult dog:

Sarplaninac dog breed

Final Words

In the article, you could see all about the Sarplaninac dog breed. I put it all into the top 8 most important traits.

So what are my final words?

Sarplaninac dogs certainly have their eccentricities, as well as specific:

  • advantages
  • and disadvantages.

These dogs are independent, intelligent, and powerful livestock guardians as well as family pets.

Would you become a Sarplaninac dog owner?


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