Scientifically Proven: What Is The Best Dog Food For Rottweilers

If you have a Rottweiler, then you understand that feeding is one of the most important parts of caring for your pet. Why should you look for the best dog food for Rottweilers?

What these dogs require the most in order to stay alive and healthy for many years are a proper diet and health routine.

You should only feed your pooch the best dog foods because:

  1. Some substandard foods contain harmful ingredients that can work against the physical and mental health of your dog.
  2. Some average standard nutrition formulas have low nutrition value, which can lead to a serious nutritional deficiency for your pooch.
  3. You can be sued for negligence just by feeding your pet bad and unhealthy foods.
  4. Investing in rich and healthy foods for your dog saves you a lot of money in the long run simply because your dog will be in good health, generally, and so you will not have to seek a veterinary expert all too often.
  5. Puppies are very adorable and affectionate creatures and the best thing you can do in return for their affection is to feed them well with foods that will not harm their body but benefit it.
  6. If you feed your Weiler with and look after his/her health correctly, nothing will prevent him/her from living longer with better health.

Ok, now you see 6 reasons why is so necessary to choose the best dog food for Rottweilers pets. Whether you have a Rottweiler puppy or dog, feeding is a part of caring for your pet. Do you want to see the top 20 list of best dog food for Rottweilers?

I bet you do and in just a few seconds you will see the best Rottweilers dog food list.


The Top 20 List Of Best Dog Food For Rottweilers

Best Dog Food For Rottweilers

There is literally an endless range of Rottweiller dog foods on the market. You already know that not all foods are awesome for your dog.

While a few foods are great in terms of nutrition value and healthiness,…

…a good number of the foods are the exact opposite. Therefore, it is advisable not to buy just any Rottweiler food that is on sale.

You should always go with only the best Rottweiler food recipes on the market. Looking for the best foods for your Rottweiler puppy? We have got you covered with this list of top 20 best dog foods for Rottweillers. Here are the best Rottweiler dog foods on the market:


Categorie A – The Best Dog Food For Rottweilers

Here is the list of the best dog food for Rottweilers on the market:


1. Earthborn Holistic Grain Free (Dry)

Earthborn Holistic Grain Free

This is one of the best holistic grain-free dogs food product lines. The lineup of Earth Born grain-free dog foods are made up of 6 differenti.e;

  1. Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Coastal Catch
  2. Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Great Plains Feast
  3. Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Large Breed
  4. Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Meadow Feast
  5. Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Weight Control
  6. Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Primitive Natural

These healthy foods for your Rottweiler consist of a wide range of ingredients, including but not limited to bison meal, pea protein, dried egg, canola oil, tapioca, beef meal, chickpeas and so much more. Please note that the ingredients vary per food.

Ok, now let’s see one of the best dog food for Rottweiler puppy.


2. Eagle Pack Natural Dog Food (Dry)

Eagle Pack Natural Dog Food

Eagle Pack Natural is arguably the:

  1. best dog food for Rottweiler with allergies.
  2. best dog food for Rottweiler puppy

It comprises safe and healthy ingredients, which will not trigger an allergic reaction in the body of your allergic pooch. Some of the primary ingredients of this quality product…


  • chicken meal,
  • pork meal,
  • ground brown rice,
  • flaxseed
  • and tomato pomace.

It goes without saying that the product is available in seven different varieties i.e;

  1. Eagle Pack Reduced Fat for Adult Rottweillers
  2. Eagle Pack Power for Adult Rottweilers
  3. Eagle Pack Small Breed
  4. Eagle Pack Large and Giant Breed Puppy—best food for 6-month-old Rottweiler. It can also be great for a 4 month Rottweiler diet
  5. Eagle Pack Large and Giant Breed Adult
  6. Eagle Pack Original Chicken Meal and Pork Meal
  7. Eagle Pack Original Adult Lamb Meal and Brown Rice

So choose the product that suits your dog needs and age.


3. Blue Buffalo Blue Life Protection Formula Adult Dog Food (Dry)

Blue Buffalo Blue Life Protection Formula Adult Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Blue Life Protection Formula Adult Dog Food is one of the best nutrition formulas for adult pooches.

The Blue Buffalo dry nutrition formula offers a wealthy blend of:

  • meat-based proteins,
  • anti-oxidant-rich fats

…as well as whole grains. The ingredients include brown rice, choice of lamb meal, chicken meal or fish meal, rich vitamins, as well as rich minerals.

Also, Blue Buffalo Brand is well-known by professionals as one of the best high calorie dog food that makes your pet strong.


4. Purina Beneful Foods (Wet)

Purina Beneful Foods

Purina Beneful Foods offers two healthy and Beneficial Dog Food variants i.e Beneful Healthy Harvest and Beneful Prepared Meals.

The former contains corn as the primary ingredient.

This is can be a great choice if you want to give your pooch more carbs. The latter has turkey and meat gluten as the primary ingredients hence can be great for puppies with protein deficiency.


5. Alpo Dog Food (Dry)

Alpo Dry Food

Alpo Dry Food provides an incredible range of mouthwatering and highly delicious foods for puppies.

This includes:

  • meaty crunchy,
  • chophouse,
  • and prime cuts.

Their foods are available in wet as well as dry and soft forms. This was the list of top 5 best dog food for rottweilers.

In just a few seconds you will see more.


Categorie B


6. Taste of the Wild (Dry)

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the wild is an incredible brand of tasty-mouthwatering dog meal. This is what will provide your dog with an array of healthy and essential protein-backed nutrients.

The ingredients of this dry food include…

  • bison,
  • lamb,
  • wildfowl,
  • salmon,
  • venison,

…and so much more. It is ideal for Rottweilers of all ages with a higher protein requirement.


7. Bravo Balance BARF Raw Food (Dry)

Bravo Balance BARF Raw Food

This is another quality brand of best dog foodsBravo Balance BARF Raw Food line of dog foods includes…

  • raw beef chubs,
  • raw chicken chubs,
  • raw turkey chubs,
  • frozen raw chicken blend,
  • raw frozen beef,
  • a raw frozen lamb

…among others. The beauty of this company is that their products are cheaper compared to the products from other companies.


8. Addiction Brand (Dry & Wet)

Addiction Brand

Just like the Robert Abady Dog and Cat Food brand, the Addiction brand offers amazing:

  • cat formulas
  • and dog formulas.

The latter is available in various forms i.e dry, raw dehydrated, canned and treats.


9. Active Care Dog Foods (Dry)

Active Care

Active Care is an offers four variants of best dog foods i.e Active Care- Breeder’s Choice, Active Care Chicken, and Brown Rice Formula Food and Active Care Lamb and Brown Rice Formula Dog Food.

Rich in:

  1. high-quality carbs,
  2. proteins,
  3. vitamins,

…both variants are marketed as able to maintains and help repair joints, besides nourishing your pooch.


10. Great Choice Dog Foods (Dry)

Great Choice Complete Nutrition Adult Dog Food

Great Choice is another top rated brand of dog foods.

They have five categories of products i.e;

  • puppy targeted nutrition,
  • large breed targeted nutrition,
  • small breed targeted nutrition,
  • adult complete nutrition chicken flavor,
  • adult complete nutrition steak and veggie flavor.

You can choose from these depending on your puppy’s nutrition needs. This was the top 10 best dog food for Rottweilers to choose from.

However, there are 10 more and in just a few seconds you will see another well-known food brand.


Categorie C


11. Cadillac Dog Foods (Wet)

Cadillac Dog Foods is another North American brand that is well-known for best dry foods for Rottweilers.

This company has several products in their line, including…

  1. beef,
  2. lamb,
  3. fish,
  4. vegan

…and whole grain foods for puppies. Their products are distributed universally, which means you can find some at a pet food store near you or order online.


12. California Natural (Dry)

California Natural

California Natural is a pet food manufacturing company that is known for superior quality foods with limited ingredients. Their products comprise only three to six key ingredients.

They have an extensive product lineup, comprising about 12 products.

This includes Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe Puppy Food, Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe Puppy Food, Herring & Sweet Potato Recipe Adult Food…

…and more.


13. Meal Adult Dry Dog Food (Dry)

This is a mouthwatering dogs food that comprises healthy ingredients that will provide your adult pooch with essential nutrients. Meal Adult Dry Food contains an endless array of ingredients,…

…including but not limited to:

  • chicken,
  • whole grain brown rice,
  • potassium chloride,
  • coconut,
  • and Vitamin B1.

Just like Cadillac foods, it is sold in over 100 countries. That means you may find it at a local store near you or order online.


Categorie D


14. Dave’s Simply the Best Dog Food (Dry)

Dave's Pet Food Dog Naturally Healthy

Dave’s offers simply the best foods for pooches. Some of the most popular products in their lineup…


  1. dry chicken meal,
  2. dry rice and oatmeal,
  3. a special diet for sensitive digestion
  4. and a special gluten-wheat-corn-free diet.

These foods are natural with added vitamins as well as chelated minerals. The special diet helps reduce your dog’s gas and waste.


Categorie E


15. Acana Dog Food (Dry)


Acana is one of the best dog food for a Rottweiler puppy. Manufactured by a Canadian company called Champion Pet Foods Ltd, Acana is distributed to over 80 countries around the world.

This holistic food is rich in:

  1. high-quality carbs,
  2. proteins,
  3. vitamins

…and other nutrients that are extremely essential to your pooch.


16. Robert Abady Dog Foods (Wet & Dry)

Robert Abady Dog and Cat Food

The Robert Abady Dog and Cat Food Company are one of the best North American brands for dog and cat foods.

This 40-year-old company produces a wide range of…

  • highly nutritious foods
  • and supplements

…you can give your Rottweiler or Tommy cat. Popular dog foods and supplements include Abady Granular, Abady Kibble, Abady Canned Complete and Abady Canned Mixers.


Categorie F


17. Zach’s Quality Dog Food (Dry)

Zach’s Quality Dog Food

Zach’s is a top-rated line of quality dry dogs food. The product line consists of three variants of foods that are packed with a variety of quality nutrients.

These foods are;

  1. Zach’s Black Label Performance Formula
  2. Zach’s Chicken Meal and Rice Formula
  3. Zach’s Premium Puppy Chicken and Rice Formula

Some ingredients that are used in Zach’s Quality Dog Food include ground rice, chicken meal, chicken fat, fish meal, lamb meal, dried egg, vitamin supplements, flaxseed and more.


18. Simply Natural Grain Free Dog Food (Dry)

Simply Natural Grain Free

Simply Natural Grain Free is another mouthwatering pet food with natural-grain-free ingredients. It is ideal for your pooch’s protein, vitamin, and mineral requirements.

The product line consists of two foods i.e;

  1. Simply Natural Grain Free Beef and Vegetables
  2. Simply Natural Grain Free Chicken and Vegetables

The former consists of the following ingredients among others;

  • beef meal,
  • spinach,
  • carrots,
  • tomato,
  • bell pepper,
  • garlic,
  • parsley,
  • and celery.

The later is made up of chicken meal, chicken fat, tapioca flour, peas, garbanzo beans, and a wide variety of vegetables as well as nutrients.


19. Back To Basics Dog Foods (Wet & Dry)

Back To Basics

Back To Basics is a top rated brand of Rottweiler puppy food.

This mouthwatering meal comprises:

  1. turkey,
  2. chicken,
  3. tapioca,
  4. pea protein,
  5. poultry fat,
  6. dried whole egg,
  7. and flaxseed.

All these ingredients are rich sources of high-quality proteins, carbs, and vital vitamins.


20. Ziwi Peak (Dry)

Ziwi Peak

The Ziwi Peak brand is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by one of the leading best dogs foods review websites.

This product line consists of five air-dried dog foods;

  1. Ziwi Peak Venison
  2. Ziwi Peak Mackerel and Lamb
  3. Ziwi Peak Beef
  4. Ziwi Peak Tripe and Lamb
  5. Ziwi Peak Lamb

Just like others, Ziwi Peak pets foods are manufactured using a wide range of ingredients, including but not limited to lamb meal, beef meal, mackerel meal, venison meal and a wide variety of vitamins as well as minerals.

Each variant has its own set of ingredients though. Ok, now you know which are the top 20 best dog foods for Rottweiler dogs and puppies.

In just a few seconds you will see how to choose the best dog food for a Rottweiler puppy.


How To Determine The Best Dog Food For A Rottweiler Puppy

Best dog food for a Rottweiler puppy

But before we go to the list, let us educate you a little bit on how to determine the best dog food for a Rottweiler puppy.

Here is how to go about it:


1. Look at the Ingredients

The first step to determining the best dog food for a Rottweiler puppy is knowing what is inside the can. The relevant pet feed regulatory board in your area has established guidelines that guide companies that manufacture pet foods.

One fundamental guideline that these companies must follow

…always is to display the ingredients they used in making their products on the food label. If a dogs food product is claimed to contain a single ingredient, then it must contain at least 95% of the said ingredient, minus water.

If it contains a lesser percentage of that, then it is definitely not the best dog food for Rottweilers.

For example,

  • if the product is said to contain solely protein,
  • then at least 95% of the ingredients (excluding water) should be a source of protein.

If it is 94% or lower, then that is a poor quality puppy food. If a product is said to contain two or more ingredients, then each listed ingredient should be present in substantial amounts and not in negligible amounts.

If the product is marketed as perked with…

  1. proteins,
  2. carbohydrates,
  3. and vitamins

…that is vital for dogs, each ingredient should make up at least 10-15% of the entire pack. If one or several of the listed ingredients make up less than 10% of this, that is definitely a substandard food for your Rottweiler.

Ok, now let’s see the second advice.


2. Consider What Gives Your Dog Allergies

Just like some of us, some dogs too will experience allergic reactions when certain substances get into their body.

Some of the top most common allergens for dogs are lactose, certain sources of proteins such as:

  • beef,
  • lamb,
  • chicken,
  • and egg yolk

…, and specific sources of carbohydrates like:

  • wheat,
  • and soy.

What gives your pooch allergic reactions among these ingredients? Is it lactose or egg yolk protein? Is it beef, lamb or chicken protein?

Look for a product that does not contain the ingredient/s that will cause the body of your puppy to undergo a negative reaction.

Do not worry, we look at some of the best dog foods for rottweilers with allergies above in the list.


3. Consider the Sources of Carbohydrates Present In the Food

Just like human beings, one of the most important nutrients for dogs and other animals is carbohydrates. Carbs play a key role in the life of your pooch.

It provides energy that your dog requires to:

  • walk,
  • bark,
  • play
  • and live.

That is why most food products contain carbohydrates. However, the carbohydrates present in these products vary in quality.

While a few dog foods contain high-quality carbs, the majority of the foods comprise low-quality carbs.

The former is considered to be the best foods from which you can select for your dog. The latter, however, are deemed to be poor quality foods for Rottweilers and you should avoid them if you have a choice.


How do I know which carbohydrates are high quality and which carbs are low quality?

High-quality carbs include whole grains, fruits, legumes, milk, and vegetables. Low-quality carbs, on the other hand, are generally refined carbohydrates. The point of choosing high-quality carbs over low-quality carbs is that the former are easy to metabolize…

…whereas the latter is very difficult to metabolize.

Now that you know how to determine the best foods for the Rottweiler breed of dogs, it is time to see 5 most common Rottweilers health problems.

To avoid Rottweilers health problems it is advised to choose your pet food wisely.


5 Most Common Rottweiler Health Problems

Most Common Rottweiler Health Problems

Rottweilers, just like other dog breeds for a pet, may succumb to a range of health issues if not fed well and cared for properly. What are the five most common Rottweiler health problems? Do you know?

If you don’t, here they are;


#1 Rottweiler eye problems

Rottweilers are very prone to a variety of eye conditions, especially if not fed with a proper diet and taken good care of.

Your pooch may suffer from:

  • cataracts or
  • progressive

…retinal atrophy. The former health condition affects mostly the younger Rottweiler puppies below six years whereas the latter affects all dogs of this breed.

In just a few seconds you will see the second most common rottweiler health problem.


#2 Rottweiler joint problems

Rottweilers are quite susceptible to a myriad of joint problems such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and panosteitis.

One of the major causes of these painful joint conditions is a poor diet that lacks

  • calcium and
  • other minerals,

…which are necessary for healthy bones and joints.


#3 Rottweiler circulatory system problems

Rottweilers dogs can easily be incapacitated by a plethora of circulatory system conditions such as Aortic Stenosis, and Von Willebrand’s Disease (VWD).

Again, one of the primary causes of these diseases is a poor diet, which consists of unhealthy fats.


#4 Rottweiler cancer

More and more Rottweiler dogs continue to succumb to cancer. These dogs are believed to develop different types of cancers as a result of consuming poor quality foods that consist of harmful ingredients and fillers.

Unfortunately, this deadly disease has no cure yet.

The best way to protect your puppy from this number top killer disease for dogs and human beings is to avoid substandard foods.


#5 Rottweiler bloating

Just like human beings, dogs too can suffer from bloating—a condition that is characterized by stomach distention as a result of a rapid gas fill-up.

Sometimes the bloated stomach rotates and becomes twisted.

Due to the twisting, blood cannot enter the stomach. One of the primary causes of bloating in dogs is improper foods that are packed with large quantities of ingredients that promote bloating, such as…

  • onion,
  • barley,
  • carbonated fillers

…and so on. These are the five most common health problems for Rottweiler dogs. As you can see, food is a primary cause of all of them.

Therefore, to avoid each one of them, you need to stay away from giving your dog the substandard foods that are likely to lead to a condition.

A good rule of thumb is to stick to best dog foods for Rottweilers.


Final Thoughts

Rottweilers are a friendly and affectionate breed of pet dogs. They are one of the most common breeds of dogs that homeowners keep for fun.

According to statistics, Rottweiler is the 18th-most popular breed of dog globally.

Other most popular breeds of dogs that people keep are…

  • German Shepherd,
  • Chihuahua,
  • Labrador Retriever,
  • Golden Retriever,
  • Miniature Schnauzer,
  • Boxer,
  • Beagle

…and more. One of the primary reasons why Rottweilers are so common that at least one out of every five homes with dogs have one is that the breed is easier to look after and more resilient compared to other breeds.

Rottweilers are able to survive in more places around the world compared to other dog breeds for a pet.

However, If we look at the

  • 5 most common Rottweiler health problems.
  • 6 reasons why is so necessary to choose the best dog food for Rottweilers pets.

…then we can see that many health problems can be avoided by choosing quality pet foods and ensuring proper science diet for Rottweilers. To avoid worst dog food brands I created this article where you could see the list of top 20 best dog food for Rottweilers dogs and puppies.

If you find the information useful please share the article and comment below.

Thank you Mirko Nuli.

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