Truth Exposed: See The Best 2018 Low Sodium Dog Food Brands

Do you want to see the best low sodium dog food? Wanna find out why your canine friend will have health benefits from it?

Scientifically, human anatomy is not far from being similar to our canine friends.

A twitch in one or two things and the two anatomies’ will come close to being same. Anyway, that’s a comparison for another day but just like human beings, minerals play a crucial role in dogs.

In this article you will see:

  • The best 2018 low sodium dog food brands.
  • The list of the top 10 brands.
  • Why you should feed your pet with low sodium dog food?

Sodium is one of the most crucial minerals in a dog. Even so, sodium levels in the body of a dog should be monitored. Your pet diet should be made from carefully selected dog food.

Very low sodium levels in the body are always…

…dangerous to the physiological mechanisms of the body, excessive quantitates are often toxic to the biological mechanisms of the body. It’s therefore important that your pet gets foods with low sodium dog food recipes. Do you want to see the best 2018 low sodium dog food brands?

List of low sodium dog foods contains top 10 brands that were tested & had the lowest results.


The Best 2018 Low Sodium Dog Food Brands

Low sodium dog food brands

Here is a list of the best low sodium dog food brands in 2018. Let’s cuts you the hassle of wading through myriads of overwhelming options that may later prove unhelpful.

Here is the list:

1. Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food

Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food

Founded by Lucy Postin 15 years ago, The Honest Kitchen is a company that specializes in producing organic grain free foods for all dog breeds and sizes. The company has gone from leaps since the founder, Lucy Postin, experimented different foods in her kitchen to feed her ailing dog.

Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food is made up of free range chicken recipe that guarantees a treat of your dog’s taste buds.

This brand is made in human grade facilities that are…

  • clean
  • and treated,

…thus the tagline Human Grade. This demonstrates how the company s dedicated to providing quality products for use.

There is a big difference between using by products and fresh food to make a product.

With this product, you feel more attached to your pet by giving it a tailored brand made of fresh products. Furthermore, this food is ideal for different dog breeds and dogs of different sizes.

So, if you have more than one dog of different…

  • breeds
  • or sizes

…, you can forget the stress of buying more than one brand for each dog. This brand will cater to all of them. One of the features that make this brand ideal for your dog is the recipe. From the recipe, the food is made of rich proteins and carbs.

At the same time, sodium levels are quite low to ensure that your pet is safe.

So I point out Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain brand as the best low sodium dog food because it really is.

This brand is:

  • safe for all pets
  • one of the most quality product in the market
  • the tested and proven product that is recommended by me and pet owners.

However, there are many other products that can be very effective for specific dogs. In just a few seconds you will see one product that is focused on sensitive skin and stomach problems.

So, let’s see the second brand.


2. Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin and Stomach – Salmon and Rice Formula

Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin and Stomach Dry Dog Food Salmon and Rice Formula

When you love your furry friend enough, you’ll know better than to buy pet food from cheap companies that are full of sodium.

Purina is a dogs foods manufacturing company that has existed in the industry for quite a while now. It has the expertise of a large number of professional scientists who are well versed in…

…creating the best dogs foods.

As the name suggests, this blend of low sodium dog food is designed for dogs with sensitive skin and stomach problems.

The ProPlan Focus is part of 5 food ranges that are all focused on serving a specific purpose, with this food focused on sensitive skin and stomach. To better deal with stomach problems, this brand has been crafted carefully to…

…include ingredients such as:

  1. rice
  2. and salmon.

The two ingredients have soft, easily digestible fiber that promotes better digestion in the stomach. Additionally, in order to give your dog better mobility and healthy joints, the food has fish oil, which contains amino acids.

The beauty of this product is that it does not have any corn, wheat or soy, which makes it a perfect choice for skin and stomach sensitive dogs.


3. Royal Canin Adult Boxer Dry Food

Royal Canin Adult Boxer Dry Food

Just as the name suggests, Royal Canin is at the top of the food chain when it comes to dogs foods.

Royal Canin Adult Boxer Dry Food is for Boxer breed only. Why?

This particular Boxer food is made of formulas that are best for adult dogs only. This may seem like a very specific brand to feature in this list of best low sodium dog foods.

The reason is that Boxer brands are quite susceptible heart sensitivity.

As mentioned above, low sodium is important for dogs with cardiac problems. Royal Canin is designed specifically to deal with this issue…

…, having being packed with:

  1. EPA,
  2. DHA,
  3. Taurine.

These components are essential in regulating cardiac functions. Additionally, the product is packed with a lot of proteins, which ensures that your pet develops muscles. Royal Canin is the product to go for in enhancing your dog’s cardiac functions and general cellular health because it delivers all the required nutrients with low sodium quantities.

Even though dog products from this company are not quite cheap

…you will have the confidence of knowing that you are buying a product that you can trust your dog’s well-being with and at the same time get value for your money.

Unlike many other products on this list, this product is specifically tailored for pure breeds. Therefore, you’ll have to place an order for the specific breed of your dog, considering the:

  • size
  • and age.

This is the last brand in the list of top 3 low sodium dog food brands. Ok, now let’ s see next brand.


4. Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin

Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin Adult Dry Food

When you are after providing the best nutritional value and health needs to your dog, then Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin Adult Dry Dog Food, by Hill’s Science is the product to go for.

Hill’s Science is a company that has a group of over 200 scientists, who are dedicated to producing a comprehensive range of quality dog food that is low on sodium.

The company provides a number of well-defined products, but the…

  1. Chicken meal
  2. Barley recipe

…, with no colors, additives, preservatives or flavors, stands out. This brand is manufactured with very low calories in it.

So, when you want to watch your dog’s weight, this is the go to food that will deliver all your expectations.

Not only is the food weight sensitive, but the chicken meal and barley recipe also come packed with high quantities of protein to compensate the low levels of calories. Besides that, the food is rich in amino acids and vitamins but low in sodium.

This is a perfect balance for a healthy dog.

With this food, you are highly unlikely to visit your vet any sooner in matters cardiac or weight-related issues.


5. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Lamb Meal and Brown Rice

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Lamb Meal and Brown Rice

The adult dry food is a brand from Natural Balance, a magnet in the very competitive pet feeding industry.

This company has been in the industry for more than two decades and is known to produce

  • expensive,
  • quality

…dog foods that are worth the money and low on sodium. Unlike other low sodium foods brands, this brand uses an ingenious idea of limited ingredient diets with an aim of minimizing the chances of…

…your dog reacting to any allergies in the ingredients.

This means using only the desired ingredients that will directly benefit your dog with no additives.

The food is made up of a formula comprising:

  1. lamb meal
  2. and brown rice.

The two ingredients will ensure that your pet is catered for in terms of proteins and carbs needed by your dog to maintain the energy levels on the high. Additionally, the company has ensured that your dog will consume low sodium through this product.

Low sodium wet dog food is equally important to your dog.

It is recommended by the company you mix this product with low sodium dog food canned by the company that is readily available to give you a mix of dry and wet food. This was the last of the top 5 low sodium dog food. But don’t worry here are 5 more.

In just a few seconds you will see another very quality brand.


6. Hill’s Science Light Diet Adult Dry Food

Hill’s Science Light Diet Adult Dry Dog Food

This is yet another brand from Hill’s Science which is a shark in the pet foods manufacturing industry.

This range of dogs foods from Hill’s Science is low in calorie and is perfect for an adult dog that is 6 years or older. Low calories mean that your adult dog, which has most probably gained weight, will keep the check on its weight.

This does not mean that your dog will be malnourished.

The brand has high-quality protein in cooperated into the food so that your pet will be nourished while at the same time attain a healthy weight.

One unique factor about this brand is that you can choose between regular bites and small bites depending on how your pet is used to feeding.

Additionally, this highly rated product contains no:

  • food coloring,
  • additives
  • or preservatives.

With your dog’s health at the center of all Hill’s Science products, this one is no different. It has low sodium which is perfect for dogs with heart, kidney or liver problems.

So you can be sure that your pet is I safe hands when using this product.


7. The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Chicken Recipe

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free

Once again, Honest Kitchen enters the fray with the dehydrated grain free pet food with chicken recipe. The best thing about this brand is that all dogs of different breeds, sizes, and age can indulge in it.

So if you have dogs of different ages, you won’t tire when it’s feeding time.

This organic whole grain chicken recipe will take care of all your dogs. Being manufactured in human grade food facilities in the USA, you can trust this low sodium food brand to be a quality product for your pet.


8. Hill’s Prescription Diet Cardiac Health Dry Food

Hill’s Prescription Diet Cardiac Health Dry Dog Food

As I mentioned earlier, dogs, just like humans, often have heart problems. If your dog has heart congestive, regular visits alone won’t help.

You have to:

  1. Check the food that your pet consumes.
  2. Make sure that the food is always low on sodium.

Maintaining your dog’s blood pressure from soaring, means keeping the levels of sodium your dog consumes on the low.

Two elements are crucial for a healthy heart.

They are Taurine which is responsible for hearts muscle metabolism and the other element is L-Carnitine. Even though this low sodium food has all these elements included, its taste has been heightened with the chicken recipe.

This will ensure that your sick dog maintains its appetite always.

This Hill’s Prescription diet should be fed to your pet by following your vet’s directions. In no time, your pet will be back to its full energy with this awesome product from Hill’s Science.


9. Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dry Food

Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Do you have a large breed of dogs? Are they prone to heart problems? Well, this food from Hill’s Science is the best diet for them.

This food is manufactured with very few calories than the regular foods.

This is to ensure that your pooches maintain a healthy weight that is manageable. At the same time, the food has plenty of L-carnitine which makes sure that your pet is full of energy.

This is a crucial balance that ensures your pet gets:

  • all nutrients it needs
  • without compromising on the weight loss.

Since this food is made for sick dogs, it is rich in some valuable vitamins which will ensure that your dogs have a strong immune system to protect them from any other diseases.

Additionally, this food which is low on sodium has plenty of antioxidants.

For older dogs, this food has glucosamine which aids in soothing away the pain on their joints.


10. Purina Pro Weight Management Dry Adult Food

Purina Pro Weight Management Dry Adult Dog Food

Is your dog overweight? Well, have no worries! This product from Purina will take care of your entire dog’s weight problem.

Purina Pro Weight Management Dry Adult Food is a dry low sodium dog food…

…that is low on both:

  1. calories
  2. and fat.

While the aim is to shade away some weight by your dog, this food is added protein in a bid to maintain your dog’s muscle. Different pet considerations have been put apart from dry food alone.

Wet food is also available if your pet prefers wet foods.

Even so, the wet food option has all the other benefits that come with the dry food option except for protein availability. This product is a bit expensive than the other poor quality foods in the market today.

The best thing about it is that it gets the job done.


Why you should Feed Your Pet with Low Sodium Dog Food

Low sodium dog food

Removing any trace of sodium in your dog’s diet is always a wrong move. One of the key benefits of low sodium in a dog’s body is to keep fluid levels in the body at par.

Additionally, sodium is crucial for basic cell functions in the body of a dog. Here are some other reasons why you should always…

…buy the best low sodium wet dog food:

1. Fluid levels in the body of your dog will increase.

Excessive sodium in the body of your dog will give your dog an insane thirst, but with low sodium dogs foods, they will require to drink less while remaining hydrated and healthy.


2. Management of congestive heart problems

One of the key benefits of low sodium food is the management of congestive heart problems.

If your dog has a heart problem, the body will process ions with ease if you feed them with low salt diet for dogs without putting stress on the ailing heart.


3. Dogs with problems.

Just like heart problems, any dog with organ problems is at high risk while consuming normal food with high sodium levels.

In order to keep your dog with organ problems at an even keel, buy them wellness low sodium dog food.


4. This foods with less sodium are quite cheap.

If you want to spare your pet the inconvenience of visiting the vet regularly, indulge your pet in one of the best low sodium dog foods in the market today.

This will save you a lot of time and money.


Why you should not eliminate sodium food completely?

As stated above, you cannot completely eliminate sodium from your dog food. The virtue of lesser better works best in this case.

There is known quantities sodium that is recommended for your dog.

By knowing the quantities require, it makes it much easier for you to choose the right food with less sodium ingredient.

The basics to note are the…

  • minimum
  • and maximum

…amounts of sodium in a whole meal per day which are 0.1% and 0.5% respectively. Important things to watch while buying your dog food include the level of calories intake in proportion with the amount of sodium.

Apart from that, there are other things to watch:

  1. Quality pet foods should have a whole protein source as part of the ingredients.
  2. Country of manufacture. This tells you a lot about the quality of the dogs foods. Countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK have high standards in low sodiums foods manufacturing.
  3. The food should not be added with any artificial additives. Other things that may be harmful to your dog and should not be added include flavors, dyes, and food color. These can be fatal to your dog.
  4. Quality brands should have all the low sodium ingredients labeled clearly.
  5. Brand with less sodium ingredient should only have one source which is by-products of meat. This should be labeled clearly on the packet of the product.

In just a few seconds you will see a quick summary of the most important parts of the article.


Healthy Pet Systems Conclusion On Low Sodium Dog Food

In the article above you could see the best 2018 low sodium dog food brands that have been tested and proven by pet owners.

There is a great offer of low sodium foods but you have to look at:

  1. Pet age.
  2. Pet size.
  3. Pet breed.

It is because many manufacturers produce high-quality low salt foods for dogs that come from specific breed So make sure that you choose the right one.

Also, do not remove sodium ingredient completely from your pet diet because it is not good for your pet health. Many pet owners make homemade low sodium dog food and remove sodium completely. Make sure that you keep sodium quantity on the recommended level just like the low sodium dog food has.

If you find the information useful please share the article and comment below.

Thank you Mirko Nuli.

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