The 16 Best Raw Meat Dog Food Suppliers You Need To See

Owning a dog is like adding a child into the family. Do you feel stressed out a lot? Dogs have been proven to help lower your blood pressure and help you to feel calm.

People who own dogs often live longer than those who do not. Dogs can also bring you happiness and comfort if you are suffering from an illness.

However, you also need to give:

  • care,
  • attention,
  • love,
  • and discipline

…to your pet. One of the most crucial factor to ensure your dog is in great shape ids diet. Be careful when choosing what kind of food to feed your pet. Some dog foods contain dyes and fillers that are just not healthy for them.

That is why I create this article to show you:

  1. The 18 best raw meat dog food suppliers.
  2. Benefits of feeding your dog with raw meat dog food.

When choosing pet food, look on the label for words like “AAFCO feeding studies” and “feeding tests”. These foods have gone through feeding trials and have been proven to be healthy.

In just a few seconds you will see the list of 16 best raw meat dog food suppliers.


The 16 Best Raw Meat Dog Food Suppliers

Raw Meat Dog Food Suppliers

Do you want to feed your pet with the best raw meat dog food? I want to show you the best of the best.

You can never go wrong with the raw meat dog food.

However, there are many suppliers and some of them are not using the best ingredients. You will have to put a great trust in suppliers you choose or you can see the best suppliers that I point out n my research.

That said, here are the best raw dog food suppliers 2018:


1. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Baked Blends

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Baked Blends

Wellness Complete Health Natural is designed for small breeds and offers complete and balanced nutrition for your dog on a daily basis.

It provides natural ingredients that make up the correct amounts of protein and fat that small breeds need to support their metabolic activities.

This brand is free from…

  • artificial preservatives
  • and additives

…such as color and flavors. In addition, the meal is grain free to ensure that your pet does not experience discomfort due to digestive problems.

Wellness brand is made from fresh, whole foods and that makes it ideal for supporting the…

immune system of your dog.

Furthermore, this food supports the joint health of your small breed by providing them with enough glucosamine.

The Wellness Complete Health Natural is the best raw meat dog food supplier.


2. Stella % Chewy’s Duck Goose Dinner Patties Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Stella % Chewy’s Duck Goose Dinner Patties Freeze-Dried Dog Food

This is one of the best raw dog food brands. Their freeze dried dinner patties brands are the most popular as well as their well-known and equally easy to pull off foods recipes.

Stella % Chewy’s supplier made their brands of:

  1. High-quality organic ingredients.
  2. Minerals and vitamins.

All minerals are chelated for better absorption of the vitamins and minerals in the dog’s body.

The product also contains beets which are medicinal and help with the nutrients absorption and contributes to a well-balanced diet and pumpkin that help as a probiotic gastrointestinal health.

This raw dog food recipe starts with…

  • 95% cage-free poultry,
  • organ meat,
  • and bones

…plus 100% certified –organic fruits and vegetables. The food is also gluten and grain free and has absolutely no fillers hence keeps pets fuller for longer. It can be used either as a full meal or as supplements for foods with less nutritional value.

In just a few seconds you will see last of the top 3 best raw meat dog food suppliers.


3. Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Markets

Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Markets

Instinct Freeze is created by Nature’s Variety and is a well-balanced diet for dogs. It is made from high quality and natural ingredients.

The main ingredient is chicken; which includes:

  1. chicken heart,
  2. liver
  3. and bone.

It comprises of organic carrots and butternut which are a good source of carbohydrates. In addition, it contains salmon oil which is good skin conditioner for your dog.

Instinct Freeze might just be the perfect freeze-dried raw dog food for your pet.

This was the last brand in the list of top 3 raw meat dog food suppliers. But 13 more follows.


4. The Honest Kitchen Grade

The Honest Kitchen Grade

Honest Kitchen offers a well-balanced formula with Turkey as the main ingredient. It is a family-owned company that provides good dehydrated raw dog food.

The Honest Kitchen supplier provides foods that contain:

  • 29% protein
  • and 18% fat.

It is most appropriate for active dogs and a savior for owners who don’t have time to cook at home.

It contains spinach, celery, carrots and potatoes that are suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. In addition, the food contains natural sources of vitamins and minerals that include blueberries, apples, and bananas.

With its high protein content and no grains, Honest Kitchen is well-balanced pet food.


5. Sojos Complete Natural

Sojos Complete Natural

Sojos Complete Natural is a complete pet food that is made from high-quality freeze-dried raw meat that is both gluten-free and grain free.

This meal is wholesome and one of the best homemade meal for your pet. It contains natural ingredients with the main one being a real freeze-dried turkey.

It also contains:

  • proteins,
  • enzymes
  • and essential fatty acids

This makes Sojos Complete Natural brand a complete and well-balanced meal. This brand is of high quality and guarantees safety standards that other conventional diets will not offer.

Your pet will also benefit more as the food is species appropriate thereby making it an ideal food for the health and wellness of your dog.

This was the last brand in the list of top 5 raw meat dog food suppliers. Wanna see more?


6. Bravo Dog Brand


For more than a decade, the Bravo dog brand is the leader in offering healthy treats and diets for pets.

It is a Manchester family-owned company whose passion to become meat-based dog food and treats purveyor was a natural growth from the previous family business, Manchester Packing Company.

Since 1942, the Manchester Packing Company specialized in offering high-quality poultry and meat to the New England restaurants.

Today, Bravo provides balanced and complete

  • freeze-dried
  • and frozen

…raw dog food diet meats that have fully met all the AAFCO standards. Besides, they also offer treats, bones, chews, supplements, and other four varieties of separate frozen raw diets. Bravo raw dog food UK is great and quality brand.

The two varieties Boneless and Basic are Prey Model versions while the other two; Balance and Blends varieties are BARF-style diets.


7. Tuckers


This is a domestic family operation that was started in the summer of 2009. It is driven by on chief goal: dogs deserve nothing less than the best nutrition has to offer.

Offering BARF-style, balanced and complete frozen raw dog food, the brand contains:

  • 95 percent Meat,
  • 5 percent fiber,
  • Bone and Organ.

Plus, they also have yummy chews, treats, and recreational bones.

Above all, they also have a dehydrated, balanced, and complete meal for dogs only (called Carnibar). This formula is easy to serve and specially made for a dog on the go.


8. Balanced Blends

Balanced Blends

Balanced Blends is the one brand that makes it convenient for dog owners to provide a healthy diet because they deliver a balanced, complete raw dog food to your home.

They are BARF style inspired and meets the…

  1. AAFCO and
  2. FEDIAF standards.

It’s formulated with a balanced ratio of Calcium to Phosphorus as well as stable fat (optimum Omega six to three ratio and low Linoleic Acid).

They also keenly observe food safety steps, even with the “test & hold” protocol, and “HPP during final packaging” which mean that they test their products in the lab and not exposing your furry friend for pathogen testing.

You can buy this fantastic formula directly from their website.


9. Raw Naturals by Stewart

Raw Naturals by Stewart

It is among the best frozen Raw Dog Foods in the market as it is easy to feed pets on and store.

It is a complete and balanced and suitable for dogs of all life stages and breeds.

With its main ingredient being chicken, this food has a high protein content of 45% that is necessary for healthy muscle and tissue.

It also contains:

  • salmon oil (good for a healthy coat and sensitive skin).
  • ginger and blueberries (good source of vitamins).

This makes the product well balanced for daily use. It is also grain free making it appropriate for dogs with allergies.


10. Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance

Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance

Grandma Lucy’s Freeze-dried Pet Food is popular on the pet food menu. The food includes one main protein from their…

…variety of meat:

  1. chicken,
  2. lamb,
  3. rabbit,
  4. fish,
  5. and goat.

Also, it contains the premixed formula that contains chickpeas, carrots, celery, cranberries, blueberries, apples, flaxseed, bananas, and pumpkin.

The formulas are mostly grain free hence offer a non-filler, whole nutrition for the pet.

The manufacturing process includes dehydrating the ingredients; thus they are made without losing their nutritional value. Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance frees itself entirely from harmful preservatives, fillers, and by-product meals.

Pureformance is, therefore, a healthy choice for those seeking organic pet food options. This is the last supplier in the list of the top 10 best raw meat dog food brands.

Ok, now let’s see more brands which can be the good replacement.


11. Primal Freeze Dried Chicken

Primal Freeze Dried Chicken

Primal offers some chicken freeze nuggets that are very rich in proteins and fats. For dogs that need meaty fasting food, the formula would be the best choice.

It is suitable for daily feeding because it is well balanced and is a good source of energy.

With the main ingredient being chicken, the formula has a 37% crude protein that is needed by both:

  • puppies
  • and adult dogs.

The product is grain free containing carrots, squash, broccoli, and organic kale that makes up 1% of crude fiber. Your dog’s coat is protected and kept shiny by salmon oil.

Active dogs will benefit from the food which offers Omega 3&6 fatty acids necessary for their growth.


12. Raw Wild

Raw Wild

Raw Wild is a family-owned company that is based in American and mainly focused on making dogs foods brands enriched with small batch nourishment.

They are dedicated to producing balanced and complete raw meat food from deer meat (that is sourced from deep into the Rocky Mountains) and wild elk,…

…which is then mixed with essential:

  1. minerals
  2. and vitamins.

Raw Wild is a quality supplier that has observed the Prey Model approach and moreover their dieting meets AAFCO standards in terms of balanced and complete nutrition for dogs in all stages of life.


13. BARF World Dog Food

BARF World Dog Food

BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) is a complete mix of…

  • raw meat,
  • fruits,
  • vegetables
  • and bone

…that is allergen free as it contained a single protein, easily digestible and filled with nutrients- while being low on sugar and starch for the well-being of our pets.

Their beef and chicken nuggets are a must recommend as they don’t require refrigeration for up to 18 months, and can be fed to pets either dry or rehydrated or…

used as a supplement with low quality food in the market.

It is also AAFCO approved with the same quality formulations used to make their frozen BARF diets. Most likely the best traveling or camping freeze raw food or snack for your pets.

Barf dog food suppliers are all over the internet and here you can visit the one. Ok, now let’s see Raw Bistro Pet brand.


14. Raw Bistro Pet Fare

Raw Bistro Pet Fare

Raw Bistro is a reputable human grade raw bones, frozen raw food, & dehydrated treats manufacturer based in Minnesota.

Their BARF style formulas are crafted into small batches that are enriched with pasture-raised meat and poultry from the Midwest family farms, and also…


  • 100% grass-fed,
  • organic
  • and free-range ingredients.

The product is absolutely free from the use of antibiotics, artificial preservatives, and added hormones.

When you order from them, you can be sure your pet is feeding on the raw food product that is made in the company owned, and hyper-clean productions facility.


15. TruDog’s Feed Me

TruDog’s Feed Me

It is the highly nutritious brand that is made from real, fresh meat. It also blends in fresh, wholesome:

  1. turkey,
  2. bone,
  3. and meat.

Feed Me is also free from gluten, grains, fillers, chemicals, and refined carbohydrates. Instead, it contains highly digestible and high-quality protein that makes it one of the most complete and nutritious meals in the market.

This brand is not only compact and convenient but also easy to use.

By including Feed Me in your dog’s diet, you are safeguarding the health of your pet as the meal offers prime ingredients that most dog foods do not have.

In just a few seconds you will see the last raw meat supplier.


16. Nature’s Logic Chicken Feast

Nature’s Logic Chicken Feast

The main ingredient in Nature’s Logic Chicken Feast brand is chicken, which is a clean combination of flesh and skin.

Other ingredients include:

  • chicken liver,
  • chicken heart,
  • herring oil,
  • chicory root,
  • dried apple,
  • broccoli,
  • pumpkin,
  • and rosemary.

With a 43% protein, 25% fat and 24% carbohydrates, this pet food is very appropriate to sustain a dog’s life.

Additionally, chicory root in the meal contains insulin, which is a source of soluble dietary fiber that improves the digestive tract of your dog.

Now the list of the top 16 best raw meat dog food suppliers is complete. But I want to show you something that will be very interesting to you. Ready?

Do you want to see the top 5 benefits of feeding your dog with raw dog food?


Benefits Of Feeding Your Dog With Raw Dog Food

Raw Dog Food

For most pet owners, the diet of their pets is a significant source of concern. Frozen raw pet foods are a great choice to go with when you want to keep your dog healthy and active.

The following are some of the benefits of raw pet foods:


1. Shinier coat

Changing your dog’s diet to reel raw meat foods could give your dog a shiny and healthy coat as 40% of protein consumed by a pet goes…

into their:

  • skin
  • and coat.

Cereal-based diets will not provide enough of protein for conditioning of the dog’s coat. Ensuring that your dog is fed on a high meat protein diet will significantly improve your dog’s appearance.

Fresh fat in raw pet foods works well with protein to give your pet a luxurious coat.


2. Raw Food for Dogs Produces Less Waste

Unlike in another form of diets that contain high amounts of salt, raw meat dogs foods is a kind of low sodium dog food that does not cause your pet to drink too much water, increasing urination, toilet issues as well as causing kidney diseases in dogs.

With the stool being the window of digestion, raw food is much easier to digest than cooked food, leading to improved digestion.


3. Increased muscle tone

Raw dog food distributors ensure that their product is free from cereal fillers and grains (carbohydrates) which are present in high calorie dog food and this ingredients are responsible for adding a lot of weight in dogs.

Feeding your canine on raw foods, therefore, gives your pet the chance to build up muscles to…

provide them with a sleek, firm and healthy body.


4. Improved dental hygiene

When you feed your dog on dry kibble, you might notice bad breath and poor dental health in your pet.

However, offering dog meat on the bone ensures there are no carbohydrate sugars in the diet that could otherwise fuel bacteria growth in your dog’s mouth.

The ultimate way to keep your dog’s dental hygiene at par is to feed your pet with raw foods.


5. Improved behavior

A dog’s behavior will improve if it is being fed on healthy raw foods that are palatable. While some dry dog foods may cause unrest in the dog’s digestive tract, frozen raw pet foods are easily digestible.

Removal of carbohydrates in the dog’s diet also contributes to good behavior as blood sugar and insulin levels are kept at an optimum.

In addition, raw foods produce less waste meaning that your dog’s kidney remains healthy.


Healthy Pet Systems Conclusion

The ideal foods for your pet are meat and bone. You can never go wrong with raw pet foods when it comes to choosing the most appropriate diet for your dog. What is the best raw dog food?

In the research I made, I point out top 3 best raw meat dog food suppliers:

  1. Wellness Complete Health Natural
  2. Stella % Chewy’s Duck Goose Dinner Patties Freeze-Dried
  3. Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Markets

If you choose this brands you won’t regret it. Also, you can contact raw dog food suppliers near you to get these or some other fantastic products.

How do you need to choose your pet’s diet?

Keep your dog in good shape. He can suffer from the same weight-related issues that you can, so make sure he gets plenty of healthy exercises and eats a well-balanced diet.

Remember that walking will benefit you as well, so make it a part of your daily routine together to be:

  • happier
  • and healthier.

Once you are equipped with great advice about caring for your pet, you will be better prepared for the day to day life with him.

You will be better capable of dealing with any issues that occur.

Take notes and post them around your house so when you question what you are doing, you can get a quick reminder of what you should do. And this is the end of the raw meat dog food suppliers article.


If you find the information useful please share the article and comment below.

Thank you Mirko Nuli.

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