126 Strong & Unique Pitbull Names – Male Pitbull Names and Female Pitbull Names

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So you might now be considering some names for pitbull puppies or more specifically, male pitbull puppy names and girl pitbull puppy names.

Nice Female Pitbull NamesIt’s a bit challenging to choose the perfect name. You may want to name him or her with some popular pitbull name or maybe make a choice based on his or her physical characteristics and attitude.

There is a variety of names that could be suggested. Depending whether he is a male or she is a female, but what makes it special is the corresponding meaning it has.

Let’s start with some male pitbull names picked from A Place for Pit Bulls with corresponding short descriptions and meanings which could be your first option for naming your pitbull.


For Tough Looking Pit Bulls:


  • Scrappy

For your Pit which are scrappy in nature

  • Savage

This pitbull name is for overly protected pets

  • Chompers, Jada or Jeezy

For your pitties which at first look gives the impression of being scary yet they bog softies

  • Khaous

This is for destructive dogs

  • Shihan

Pitbull named after a karate master


For Brave Pit Bull:


  • Sinicter

It’s a strong proud male pitbull name

  • Buff

For your strong and brave Pit

  • Ares

God of war and intelligence

  • Immortal

A name for your animal companion which can never die

  • Zeus

Mythology pitbull names like Ruler of the gods

  • Thor

The god of thunder

  • Jedi

Warrior in the novel and movie Star Wars


Based on their Appearance:


  • Kilo

For white or albino pitbull puppies

  • Bruizer

For blue nosed Pit

  • Smokey

For grey pit bulls

  • Flex

Great name for your muscular pet

  • Ghost

This is for that whiter than white Pit

  • Mocha

Depicts a pitbull which is like a mocha coffee in color

  • Hulk

For strong, muscular dog


Names for Silly Looking Pit:


  • Wilfred

For your fun-loving and silly pitbull

  • Sir Fluffy the 8th

Clever idea for a soft haired, cute pit bulls

  • Beans

For that dog which passes gas from time to time


Pit Bull of the Stars:


  • Orion

Pitbull named after star constellation

  • Cosmo

It means universe

  • Luna

It means the moon

  • Evangeline

A Star of all Pitbulls


Pitbull Names from a Foreign Land:


  • Coven

This is a Mexican beer

  • Droh

Unique name of warriors

  • Kahluah

Coffee flavored liquor from Mexico

  • Xena

It means alien

  • Nacho

A popular food with cheese and corn from Mexico

  • Baja

Spanish term for short

  • Loca

Spanish word which means crazy

  • Chico

It means short girl

  • Patrona

Spanish word which means boss


Also, Puppy Names could guide you to naming your puppies.

Picked from their varied suggestion unique puppy pitbull names are:

  • Paige

French origin which means Attendant

  • Perkins

This means Son of Perkin

  • MacLaren

Of Scottish origin and it means Son of Laren

  • Oswiu

A name of a king

  • Thomas

It means twin and of Hebrew origin

  • Osborn

Of English origin meaning divine warrior


On the other hand, there are also many suggestions presented for girl pitbull names:

  • Stormie

Or English origin which means Tempest

  • Mable

It means Cool

  • Demi

Or English origin which is an abbreviation for Demetria the mythological goddess of corn and harvest

  • Sapphire

This means sparkly eyes


The following categories will give you a list of ideas for males and females.

Male Pitbull Names

White Pitbull NamesBefore giving you suggestions for pitbull male names, we may first check on some information about them.

For males, the height ranges from 18-21 inches and its weight varies from 35-60 lbs. Like any other dogs, the height and weight of males differ from females, which give them a more masculine look.

That’s why most of the names of male pitbulls or any other breed in general is that which would describe them as being strong, masculine type.

From Dog-Names-and-More.com, they cite unique male pitbull names such as Bogart, Bully, Chunky, Duke, Fang, Jaws, Killer and Taz among others.

Let’s take a look at what these pitbull names mean and where they originate according to the site:

  • Bogart – after the famous tough guy actor Humphrey Bogart.
  • Bully, is perfect for a male pitbull as it reflects on the second part of the breed rather than any expected behavior.
  • Chunky, reflects the body type of this canine. They are quite stocky with short legs of the length and size of the body.
  • Duke is a masculine sounding name with the seemingly effect of authority.
  • Fang, pitbulls when threatened, they lift a lip in a growl, showing their rather impressive fangs which often is sufficient to make the problem go away.
  • Jaws, it’s more intimidating than little Fang if the latter is not effective in doing the trick.
  • Killer, this is what might happen if your Pit Bull is threatened,
  • Taz, or short for Tazmanian Devil. This is an excellent idea for the dog that’s a fearless fighter.

Other suggestions from the site are: Achilles, Gangsta, Gatsby, Gizmo, Bacardi, Gunner, Porsche, Piccard, Razor, Reed, Quinn, Hobbit, Hustler.

Dogtime.com also has a list of suggestions: Boca, Bongo, Clover, Einstein, Levi, Monk, Nibbles and Spirit.


A Place for Pitbull has enumerated more name suggestions and these are the following:

  1. Macky

Used to refer to a Mack truck

  1. Brandy

A name patterned from wine distilled liquor

  1. Max

After a dog from TV’s Bionic Woman

  1. Rocky

Diverted from the 1976 film “Rocky” starring Sylvester Stallone

  1. Sampson

Popularly used for larger pitties

  1. Gator

Diverted from the reptile alligator

  1. Gramps

Given to a pitbull who acts older than his age or to pitties with grey hair.

  1. Hoodlum

For ornery or bad-tempered pitbull male dog

  1. Ice

Could be given to a white-colored pitbull or for a winter loving Pitbull

  1. Igor

From the Frankenstein movie

  1. Nitro

A name short for the highly explosive Nitroglycerin

  1. Otto

Man of wealth and prosperity.

  1. Storm

For a rambunctious or rowdy pit bull.

  1. Thunder

Just like Storm, the name Thunder has the same effect and meaning.

  1. Diesel

From a type of fossil fuel.


All the pitbull names mentioned above are of one common and general effect and characteristics; they depict the personality of a male pitbull being masculine and strong, sometimes of rowdy personality.

Female Pitbull Names With Meanings

Cute Female Pitbull NamesFemale Pit Bull weighs 30-50 lbs. and of 17-20 inches in height.

Following that the Male Pit Bull should be named as that which could describe their masculinity and of being strong in characteristic; then, girl pitbull names should also be of description to the uniqueness and femininity of them.

Being females, they are described as lesser aggressive with other dogs compared to male pitbulls though both are known to be friendly to humans especially children.

Some pitbull names may be chosen because of their girly or feminine meaning, some names are after the names of the goddess and some are awesome names expressing the unique, loving and caring of these female pitbulls.

Whatever the reason that you will choose from those mentioned above, there are a lot of nice pitbull names to choose from A-Z with different wonderful meanings and origin.


According to Dog-Names-and-More.com, here are their suggested cute female pitbull names:

  • Aspen

Conjures up thoughts of the beautiful Aspen tree during the fall color time in Colorado.

  • Badger

Comes from badger, a mammal related to the ferret which can bite quite hard if threatened. They don’t have a heart of gold like your Pit Bull.

  • Clue

As noted in the website, this is a great name for your pitbull girl because she will always be looking for clues to follow and scents to smell.

  • Excel

This will give your female pit bull the characteristic of excelling at anything.

  • Fidget

Fidget indicates nervousness when threatened. This is a good female choice for the girl Pit Bull that’s ready at all times to protect.

  • Foxy

This is a cool Pit Bull female name if your girl is a looker. As smart as a fox, she always gets her man!

  • Gypsy

For you female Pit Bull means “drifter” staying in one place only a short time. Your Pit Bull will be loyal to you, but ready to roam.

  • Jambalaya

Refers to a tasty Cajun dish. Creole might be another interesting choice.

  • Raven

It is said that raven is a messenger of death or bad times, a good name for a black Pit Bul. Other suggested pitbull names would be Hawk or Eagle.

  • Wicked

While your female Pit may not be evil or wicked on her intentions, anyone who threatens you won’t know this.


Other name suggestions are Affinity, Aggie, Akira, Bam-Bam, Banzai, Happy Feet, Harlow, Heartbreaker, Peaches, Pepper.


Another list of cute female dog names is available at A Place for Pit Bulls.com which gives the following suggestion:

  1. Chikita

Means little girl; and is perfect for small female Pit

  1. Swisha

Also a perfect name for sweet female Pit Bull

  1. Roxy

Named after the character played by Renee Zellweger, Roxie Hart in the movie Chicago

  1. Attila

This is a unique name for a female Pit Bull dog

  1. Sophie

It means wisdom, ideal for your clever, intelligent female Pit

  1. Brand

For a one of a kind female pitbull

  1. Mya

A pretty and nice name for your female pitbull

  1. Opal

A name of a rare Australian gemstone of numerous colors

  1. Tera

Also a perfect nice name for your female Pit


Dogtime.com also gives the following female pitbull dog names list; some are actually mentioned in the list above: Avanti, Gypsy, Jazz, Moondance, Piper, Roxy, Scuba and Sheba.


There are indeed lots of pitbull names which are unique, cool and wonderful that you could choose from.

But before choosing the name, especially if you are a new dog owner, here are somegeneral Dog Naming Tips from Dog-Names-and-More.com:

  1. Stay away from calling your pal something potentially embarrassing like “Stinky”.
  2. Does your choice rhyme with something negative? Or maybe with the name of a family member or friend?
  3. Be mindful that your pooch might outgrow its title.
  4. Keep it one or two syllables. Dogs not only learn it quicker, but it makes them easier to train.
  5. Here’s a good tip, pick a title that matches your pals appearance or personality. Lightning might be a good choice for an energetic pooch, but not for one that sleeps all day.
  6. Avoid titles that sound like common commands such as Go, Stay, Sit, etc.
  7. Watch out for trendy choices that might cause embarrassment once the trend is passed.
  8. Beware of the common trend to call your puppy after people.
  9. As your pooch what he/she thinks!
  10. If you’ve adopted an older dog, it’s best to keep its current moniker so that it doesn’t become confused.

Pit Bull is also called the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) or Pit. These dogs are described as loyal and devoted to their owners and are quick learners. It is also known for being athletic, a people-pleaser, joyful and loves children.

This video will give you even more pitbull names.

If you are considering owning one, then aside from knowing its physical characteristics and how to care for them, you must have in mind what are the good names for pitbulls. Of course, you want to become more personal when it comes to naming your Pit.

With all the gangster male & female pitbull names suggested and with these tips given, you’re now ready to give your Pit that sweet endearment!

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