Badass Dog Name Ideas – TOP 10 Badass Dog Names For Male And Female!

Wanna see TOP 10 badass dog names for male and female? Do you own a powerful and strong dog breed?

I know you do and that is…

…why you are looking for the badass dog names for pets. Am I right?

The badass dog name ideas were names of:

  • titans, gods and goddesses,
  • historical heroes and heroines,
  • characters from movies.

I made a research and pointed out the best ones for you. Do you want to see it? Let’s take a look at the…

…list of the top 10 badass names for male dogs.

TOP 10 Badass Names For Male Dogs

TOP 10 badass dog names

There are many breeds but badass name ideas suites best to large, muscular, and, of course, powerful pets.

Don’t you agree?

So if you own a powerful boy puppy you definitely wanna see this list because these names are perfect for you. Which ones?

TOP 10 badass names for male dogs:

  1. Immortal.
  2. Bruiser.
  3. Rambo.
  4. Psycho.
  5. Brutus.
  6. Bullet.
  7. Rocky.
  8. Titan.
  9. Hunter.
  10. Duke.

So the previous list shows you great ideas for powerful male puppies. However, the list is not complete because I promise you female names. Right?

And now for the top 10 badass names for female dogs.

TOP 10 Badass Names For Female Dogs

TOP 10 badass names for female dogs

Do you own a female puppy and are looking for the badass name for your pet? If so stop looking because I made a research and pointed out the top 10 badass names for your pet.

What are those names?

There are many lists with various ideas on the Internet but I pointed out only the best for you.

TOP 10 badass names for female dogs:

  1. Crusher.
  2. Rogue.
  3. Xena.
  4. Trinity.
  5. Ambrosia.
  6. Athena.
  7. Gala.
  8. Electra.
  9. Venus.
  10. Roxie.

There are many girl puppies that will grow into powerful dogs and I hope you found the ideal name for your dog. Have you?

Which dog breeds are badass?

We associate strength with a variety of things. However, dog isn’t badass if it doesn’t have a good name. Don’t you agree?

In just a few seconds you will see dog breeds that are perfect candidates for badass dog names.

Badass Dog Name Ideas For Badass Breeds

Badass dog name ideas

Appearance is one of the best criteriums for strength.

Badass dog name ideas are ideal for these breeds. However, let’s see the strength of other perspectives.

Which breeds are candidates for badass dog name ideas?

1. The most muscular breeds

The muscular breeds possess incredible muscle mass. When people see them they immediately know these are not fluffy little toy breeds.

The most muscular breeds are:

  1. American Bully.
  2. Bully Whippet.
  3. American Pit Bull Terrier.
  4. For more, see the top 10 most muscular dog breeds.

What is the second criterium for the badass perspective?

2. Dogs with the strongest bite

A strong bite is undoubtedly one of the dog characteristic which makes them powerful and strong. The breeds in this list possess incredible bite strength by which they grind big bones like a paper.

Dog breeds with the strongest bite are:

  1. Turkish Shepherd Dog Kangal.
  2. Bandog.
  3. Italian Cane Corso.
  4. For more see the top 20 dog breeds with the strongest bite.

Why is Kangal at the first place? This breed bite strength, which is measured in PSI units, is by far the highest. Sounds logical, does it?

3. Biggest guard dogs

Breeds that are fearless and will fight and predator to protect herd are also an ideal candidate for the badass perspective. Don’t you agree?

Biggest guard dogs are:

  1. Kangal Shepherd Dog (Kangal Çoban Köpegi ).
  2. Great Pyrenees.
  3. Kuvasz.
  4. For more, see the top 10 biggest guard dogs.

These breeds are not only strong but also courage, fast and agile. Also, when you see their impressive appearance you will know that they are excellent candidates.

So do you possess one of these breeds?

If the ideas I pointed out are not enough check more ideas:

I am sure you will find the perfect one. So check them.

Will you?

Final Verdict

Do you want your pet to be badass in both appearance and name? If your answer is yes then the badass dog name ideas are ideal for you.


As you could see I have singled out the top 10 badass dog names for male and female, and also I pointed out some breeds which can be selected as the badass.

Nevertheless, if you liked the ideas you can choose one. Will you?

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