TOP 10 Strongest Dog Names For Male And Female With Meaning!

Do you own a strong dog breed? Are you looking for the strongest dog name?

Take a look at the top 10 strongest dog names for male and female, and find out the perfect name for your puppy. What is the criterion for a strong name?

There are many sources of ideas like names of the:

  • titans, gods and goddesses,
  • historical heroes and heroines,
  • characters from movies.

Regardless of the source, I have singled out the best ones for you, and you will also see their meanings. Sounds good, does it?

Now let’s take a look at the list of the top 10 strongest names for male dogs.

TOP 10 Strongest Names For Male Dogs

TOP 10 Strongest Dog Names For Male And Female

There are many dog name ideas but the strongest names fit best for large and muscular pets. So if you own a muscular male pet than you need to consider choosing one of these names.

Which ones?

TOP 10 strongest names for male dogs:

  1. Immortal Dog names that just sound tough.
  2. Ethan  – Hebrew name meaning “strong, firm”.
  3. Atlas – from Greek mythology who carried the world on his back.
  4. Thor – Norse god of thunder.
  5. Titan – Greek giants of incredible strength.
  6. Ares – Greek god of war.
  7. Aaron – Hebrew name meaning “mountain of strength”.
  8. Rambo – fictional character in the Rambo franchise.
  9. Napoleon – Emperor of France.
  10. Oscar – Hebrew name meaning “divine strength”.

As you could see from the previous list, these ideas are great for strong male pets. However, the list is not complete and there are still many ideas.

And now for the top 10 strongest names for female dogs.

TOP 10 Strongest Names For Female Dogs

TOP 10 strongest names for female dogs

Do you own a female dog and are looking for the strongest name for your pet? You are in the right place because here you will see the top 10 strong names for your pet.

What are those names?

According to the various ideas you can choose from, I have singled out the best ones and listed their meanings.

TOP 10 strongest names for female dogs:

  1. Athena Greek goddess of wisdom, intelligence, warfare, and battle strategy.
  2. Xena – Fictional character described as a warrior princess.
  3. Hera – Greek goddess known for her vengeful character traits.
  4. – Greek name meaning “Immortal”.
  5. – Machine designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks.
  6. – Name with historic significance.
  7. Eris – The Greek goddess of discord and chaos.
  8. Nina – Native American name meaning “strong”.
  9. Raja – Indian word means ruler.
  10. Valentina – Latin name meaning “strong, healthy”.

We associate strength with a variety of things, and sometimes that applies to names as well.

Just like we humans have strong names I think it’s fair to have our pets too. Do you agree?

Let’s look now at which dog breeds are strong. Shall we?

Which Dog Breeds Are Strong?

TOP 10 strongest names for male dogs

We humans most often associate strength with appearance. Yet, we can look at strength from a variety of perspectives. Certain breeds possess characteristics that make them strong.

1. The most muscular breeds:

Of all muscular breeds, I would single out the breeds:

  1. American Bully.
  2. Bully Whippet.
  3. American Pit Bull Terrier.
  4. For more, see the top 10 most muscular dog breeds.

These dogs have incredible muscle mass. Some Bully whippets even have a genetic mutation that causes a doubling of muscle mass.

2. Dogs with the strongest bite:

One of the strongest dogs in the world are the dogs with the strongest bite. They are strong, and also possess incredible bite strength by which they grind bones and opponents.

Of the all breeds with the strongest bite, I would single out:

  1. Turkish Shepherd Dog Kangal.
  2. Bandog.
  3. Italian Cane Corso.
  4. For more see the top 20 dog breeds with the strongest bite.

Bite strength is measured in PSI units. Interestingly, the breeds at the top have twice as many PSI as the breeds at the 10th place in the list.

3. Biggest guard dogs:

Why the biggest guard dogs? This group includes breeds that fight predators to protect herd. Strength, agility and courage are required of them.

From these breeds I would single out:

  1. Kangal Shepherd Dog (Kangal Çoban Köpegi ).
  2. Great Pyrenees.
  3. Kuvasz.
  4. For more, see the top 10 biggest guard dogs.

There are various other characteristics that could be considered when looking for the strongest dogs.

However, the breeds on the previous lists have an impressive appearance, agility and other characteristics that make them excellent candidates …

…for the strongest names. Don’t you agree?

Final Verdict

Do you want your pet to be strong in both appearance and name? If your answer is yes then the strongest dog name is definitely a good option.

What are the strongest names for pets?

As you could see I have singled out the top 10 strongest dog names for male and female, and I hope you liked the ideas and also I hope that you will choose one. Will you?

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