Unique Pet Name – TOP 10 Unique Pet Names For Male And Female!

Are you looking for a unique pet name?

List of the TOP 10 unique pet names for male and female will reveal you the best pet name ideas. Why?

There is a ton of pet name ideas.

However, I take time to select only the best and put them in one list so you could see them. Sounds good, does it?

Sources for unique pet names are:

  • unknown or less known names in countries all around the world,
  • well know brands or stories,
  • names that sound good.

Now let’s take a look at the list of the top 10 unique names for male pets.

TOP 10 Unique Names For Male Pets

TOP 10 unique pet names

Do you own a special boy pet? If so then this list is the perfect source of new ideas.


The most popular names are bored and many pet owners all around the world use them. So you want something special. Right?

TOP 10 unique names for male dogs:

  1. Orbit.
  2. Solstice.
  3. Octopus.
  4. Romanus.
  5. Falcon.
  6. Jericho.
  7. Tofu.
  8. Obsidian.
  9. Horace.
  10. Gerenuk.

The ideas I singled out for boy pets are rare and unique.

Also, I singled out ideas that fit pets with various characteristics. However, the list is all but not complete so there are many more.

Now for the top 10 unique names for female dogs.


TOP 10 Unique Names For Female Pets

TOP 10 unique pet names for male and female

Are you looking for a special name for a special girl pet? Here you will see lost of the top 10 unique names for pets just like yours.

So if you want to see…

…only best of the best names than you are in the right place. Why the best of the best? Well, check for yourself.

TOP 10 unique names for female pets:

  1. Gamma.
  2. Regina
  3. Una.
  4. Nyx.
  5. Nova.
  6. Nutella.
  7. Zuzu.
  8. Fosa.
  9. Intermis.
  10. Asia.

So what do you think? Did I point out only the best of the best names?

I know you like them and I am sure you have found the one that suited best to your male or female pet.

Did you?

These names are for owners that are looking for something extra and of course unique. Do you still struggle with the selection?

In just a few seconds you will see how to choose a perfect pet name.

6 Tips For Choosing The Best Pet Name

Choosing the best pet name is sometimes a great challenge. Don’t you agree? Your pet will have that name for a longer period of time and you want it to be perfect.

Am I right?

Well, you might feel lucky and find the perfect name. However, the oftentimes situation is that you come to a dead end. How to avoid it?

So here are 6 tips for choosing the best dog name:

  1. Emotions – when you say if you say a name let it remind you of something good.
  2. Pick a short name – short names are easier to pronounce and remember.
  3. Look at your pet characteristics – appearance and character must match the name.
  4. Avoid unpleasant names – you will not want to pronounce embarrassing and derogatory names in front of strangers.
  5. Test a few ideas – make the final decision by pointing out a few ideas and asking family, and friends what they think of the ideas you pointed out.
  6. Choose a unique name for the pet – I’m kidding, it’s up to you to decide the name.

Just as there are various animals all around the world, there are also various name ideas and you have to make a decision.

Have in mind…

…that your dog will have that name for a long period of time. So good luck and I am sure you will find the perfect one if you already didn’t.

Did you?

Final Verdict

Do you want your pet to be really special and to be precise unique? Did you answer yes on this question? If so than a unique pet name is definitely a good option.

What are the most unique names for pets?

As you could see I have singled out the top 10 unique pet names for male and female. I am sure you liked the ideas and I hope that you will choose one.

Will you?

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