Vampire Dog Name Ideas – TOP 10 Vampire Dog Names For Male And Female!

Wanna see TOP 10 vampire dog names for male and female? Do you own a puppy that likes to bite and it is suited enough for vampire name?

I know you do and that is…

…why you are looking for the amazing vampire dog names for your pet. Am I right?

The vampire dog name ideas originated from:

  • ancient mythology,
  • literary fiction,
  • popular films.

I made a research and pointed out the best ones for you. Do you wanna see the list? Let’s take a look at the…

…list of the top 10 vampire names for male dogs.

TOP 10 Vampire Dog Names For Male

Top 10 vampire dog names for male and female

There are many dog traits but vampire name ideas suites best to pets that like to bite. These are not rude dogs but they just like it.


Vampires are mythical creatures that can cause painful deep bites and the taste of blood actually pleasures them.

Also, in many stories, they have supernatural powers.

So if your pet likes to bite or it possesses supernatural powers, which is less possible, than I can’t think of better name idea than vampire ideas. Don’t you agree?

TOP 10 vampire dog names for male:

  1. Dracula.
  2. Vladimir.
  3. Luther.
  4. Damien.
  5. Blade.
  6. Athan.
  7. Nicholas.
  8. Stefan.
  9. Lazarus.
  10. Vlad.

So the previous list shows you unique and amazing ideas for powerful male puppies that like to bite. However, the list is not complete because I promise you female names. Right?

And now for the top 10 vampire names for female dogs.

TOP 10 Vampire Dog Names For Female

Vampire dog name ideas

Do you own a female puppy that likes to bite and are looking for the vampire name for your pet? If so stop looking because I made a research and pointed out the top 10 vampire dog names for you.

What are those names?

There are many lists with various ideas on the Internet but I pointed out only the best for you.

TOP 10 vampire dog names for female:

  1. Jezebel.
  2. Ambrosia.
  3. Claudia.
  4. Elena.
  5. Amber.
  6. Bella.
  7. Lilith.
  8. Dawn.
  9. Elsie.
  10. Tanya.

There are many girl puppies that will grow into big pets but before that, they will bite you and your family. Dog biting is perfectly natural.

This behaviour is common while puppies teeth growth period.

This is a painful period for our pets and to lower pain, they chew things and of course us. If they do it when they are older then it can be a sign of dog aggression.

So the hyperactive puppies are perfect candidates for vampire names.

So I hope you like both male and female lists and I also hope you found the ideal name for your dog. Have you?

If not then you still struggle with the selection. Right?

6 Tips For Choosing The Best Pet Name

Tips for choosing the best dog name

Choosing the best pet name can present a great challenge. Why?

You are not only choosing some name that will fade in a couple of days but you are looking for the name that will your pet has for a longer period of time.

Of course that this name has to be perfect.

Am I right?

So many dog owners come to the dead end and don’t know what to do. Well, don’t panic!

Here are 6 tips for choosing the best dog name:

  1. Good emotions – the name has to remind you of something good. If you feel good, your pet will too.
  2. Short dog names are the best – pick a name that is easy to pronounce and easy to remember.
  3. Pet look – appearance must match your decision.
  4. Bypass unpleasant names – you don’t even need to look at the embarrassing and derogatory names.
  5. Testing – before final decision make a test. How? Ask your family, friends and dog what they think of the ideas you pointed out.
  6. Choose a vampire name for the dog – I’m kidding, it’s up to you to decide.

Just as there are various animals all around the world, there are also various name ideas and you have to make a decision.

If the ideas I pointed out are not enough check more ideas:

Have in mind…

…that your pet will have that name for a long period of time. So good luck and I am sure you will find the perfect one if you already didn’t.

Did you?

Final Verdict

Do you want to give your biting pet a perfect name that matches its behavior but it is still beautiful? If the answer is yes then a vampire dog name is definitely a good option.


As you could see I have singled out the top 10 vampire dog names for male and female. I am sure you liked the ideas and I hope that you will choose one.

Will you?

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