TOP 100 Badass Dog Names For Male!

If you wanna possess a cool and a macho pet then TOP 100 badass dog names for male will totally delight you.

Why badass dog name ideas?

I made a research and pointed out top 50 badass dog names for female and here top 100 badass names for male. Where do I get ideas?

Badass name ideas come from:

  • ancient names of gods, titans & heroes,
  • characters in movies,
  • names that sound badass.

It’s time to start with the list. Don’t you agree?

TOP 100 Badass Dog Names For Male

Top 100 badass dog names for male

Powerful, strong, muscular and taught dog names are all gathered in badass names for male dogs and I made a list of the best ones.

TOP 100 badass dog names for male:

  1. Immortal.
  2. Bruiser.
  3. Rambo.
  4. Psycho.
  5. Brutus.
  6. Bullet.
  7. Rocky.
  8. Titan.
  9. Hunter.
  10. Duke.
  11. Ares.
  12. Bandit.
  13. Boss.
  14. Butcher.
  15. Brock.
  16. Beast.
  17. Bear.
  18. Ceasar.
  19. Dude.
  20. Dagger.
  21. Draco.
  22. Snorlax.
  23. Gladiator.
  24. Goliath.
  25. Hannibal.
  26. Jax.
  27. King.
  28. Hercules.
  29. Hulk.
  30. Hades.
  31. Conquer.
  32. Loki.
  33. Mace.
  34. Pistol.
  35. Pyro.
  36. Nitro.
  37. Reaper.
  38. Roman.
  39. Ryder.
  40. Scar.
  41. Slash.
  42. Snake.
  43. Stallion.
  44. Steel.
  45. Storm.
  46. Tank.
  47. Thor.
  48. Trooper.
  49. Viking.
  50. Sarge.
  51. Ammo.
  52. Danger.
  53. T-Bone.
  54. Vader.
  55. Admiral.
  56. Captain.
  57. Hawk.
  58. Major.
  59. Marshal.
  60. Mad.
  61. Max.
  62. Giant.
  63. Rampage.
  64. Savage.
  65. Escobar.
  66. Razor.
  67. Poison.
  68. Stalker.
  69. Lion.
  70. Shark.
  71. Scorpion.
  72. Avanger.
  73. Knight.
  74. Blade.
  75. Terminator.
  76. Predator.
  77. Warrior.
  78. Rock.
  79. Commando.
  80. Matrix.
  81. Dragon.
  82. Cyclop.
  83. Minotaur.
  84. Monster.
  85. Bigfoot.
  86. Vampire.
  87. Typhon.
  88. Brick
  89. Knife.
  90. Axe.
  91. Armageddon.
  92. Omicron.
  93. Ethan.
  94. Rex.
  95. Dracula.
  96. Titus.
  97. Arnold.
  98. Attila.
  99. Berserker
  100. Fury.

Now you saw the top 100 name ideas that suit well to strong breeds. So if you want that your pet will be strong in both appearance and name then you definitely need to go for one idea.

Do you agree?

Best Badass Dog Name

Best badass dog name

Naming a pet isn’t easy and sometimes it’s getting emotional and really challenging. Long story short, I made special tips for selecting the perfect name from all dog name ideas you are provided with.

Tips for choosing the best badass dog name:

  1. Whan you say the name it has to drive positive emotions from you.
  2. Short names are easier pronounced (for you) and remember (for pet).
  3. Pet appearance and character must match the name.
  4. If you don’t want to say the name in front of others then it is a bad choice.
  5. Before final decision ask your family members, friends and pet what they think about the best option.
  6. Consider choosing one of the top 100 badass dog names.

I hope the previous tips will help you to get the final decision. If you are here then I know you want one badass name.

Am I right?

Well, that is a good choice but I made a lot more articles with many other ideas you might want to check.

Dog name ideas:

These ideas are also great and it won’t take you a lot of time to see them. Do you agree?

If so, will you check it now?

Final Verdict

Breeds that look taught, muscular and powerfull definitely deserve a best badass dog name that will make tham badass in both appearance and name.

Sounds good, does it?

I pointed out top 100 badass dog names for male that are definitely worth to considering. Did you found a new future name for your badass pet?

If so leave a comment below the article. Will you?

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