TOP 50 Badass Dog Names For Female!

Who says that female dogs can’t be badass in both appearance and name. List of the TOP 50 badass dog names for female reveals you macho and cool ideas that you won’t be able to resist.


I made the list of the top 100 badass dog names for male and many dog owners provide me with awesome feedback.

The ideas that I pointed out here…

…are gathered from all kinds of sources so the names are best of the best. What kind of sources.

Badass female dog names come from:

  • ancient stories & myths,
  • characters in movies,
  • names that sound badass.

Sounds good, does it? I know it does so will stop talking and proceed with the list.


TOP 50 Badass Dog Names For Female

TOP 50 badass dog names for female

Dog names that were selected for the list are ideal for strong, muscular, taught and powerful breeds. Do you own pets with impressive characteristics like these? If so check the list.

TOP 50 badass dog names for female:

  1. Crusher.
  2. Rogue.
  3. Xena.
  4. Trinity.
  5. Ambrosia.
  6. Athena.
  7. Diva.
  8. Electra.
  9. Venus.
  10. Roxie.
  11. Jade.
  12. Killa.
  13. Cobra.
  14. Cleopatra.
  15. Medusa.
  16. Queen.
  17. Raven.
  18. Blaze.
  19. Riptide
  20. Gamora.
  21. Hera.
  22. Justice.
  23. Kitana.
  24. Zelda.
  25. Mamba.
  26. Tyra.
  27. Vengeance.
  28. Hydra.
  29. Omega.
  30. Nora.
  31. Jezebel.
  32. Nikita.
  33. Amelia.
  34. Gloria.
  35. Maxima.
  36. Septima.
  37. Victory.
  38. Thora.
  39. Tequila.
  40. Authority.
  41. Ivy.
  42. Force.
  43. Raquel.
  44. Kira.
  45. Empriss.
  46. Roxy.
  47. Rocco.
  48. Volcarona.
  49. Reborn.
  50. Exodia.

The list of the top 50 female name ideas are ideal for strong female breeds and will make your pet badass in both appearance and name.

Do you want that?

Choose The Best Badass Female Dog Name

TOP 10 badass names for female dogs

Special tips for choosing the best name for your pet will help you to separate good names from bad and select the best option.

Which tips?

I have made 6 tips for pet owners who find the process of naming a pet extremely challenging and emotional.

How to choose the best badass female dog name?

  1. Choose ideas that drive positive emotions from you.
  2. Short names are better because you pronounce it easier and your pet remembers it quicker.
  3. Pet character is important the same as appearance. Let the idea match both traits.
  4. Unpleasant ideas are bad because you won’t pronounce it when you really need it.
  5. Carry out a test of best options with your friends, family members and your pet as well.
  6. Consider choosing one of the top 50 badass dog names.

O made these 6 tips in order to help you to get the final decision. I know there are many ideas and I know how hard is to choose one perfect name.


Well, I choose names for my pets as well. Also, I know you are here because of the badass names but I still want to show you a few alternative options.

Alternative ideas:

These alternatives are a great inspiration and I think you will like it. Will you?

Feel free to check it.

Final Verdict

Badass female dog names are prepared for muscular, powerful and taught breeds so they look badass in both appearance and name.

Sounds good, does it?

I pointed out the top 50 badass dog names for female and I know you will consider of choosing at least one of them.


…I made special tips for you so you can make your decision easier. In the end, I hope you will choose the best name for your pet.

Did you choose it already?

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