Why Do Dogs Cross Their Paws? TOP 5 Reasons Dogs Cross Their Paws!

Would you like to find out why your dog sometimes crosses its paws? These TOP 5 reasons for dogs crossing their paws will reveal signs they use to communicate, and they want you to know about them.

So, what are those signs?

In contrast to us humans, dogs mostly use non-verbal signs to communicate (Check dog training). Dog speech is an assortment of clues and gestures your dog is constantly sending you; it’s vital to learn how to recognize these signals.

Let’s take a look at this list of the reasons dogs cross their paws.


TOP 5 Reasons Dogs Cross Their Paws

TOP 5 reasons for dogs crossing their paws

Dogs love owners who understand their non-verbal signs, and of course, they’re not nearly as comfortable with owners who can’t recognize them.

Why is that so?

It’s the same as with people. To build a meaningful connection to somebody, we must first understand the language they’re speaking. Not knowing your dog’s language saddens and frustrates them. Sounds logical, right?

Now let’s take a look at the TOP 5 signs your dog is sending you by crossing its paws:

5. I Want A Reward

We often encourage certain dog behaviors without even realizing it. If you’ve ever rewarded your dog after they crossed their paws, they might want to receive that reward again.

The reward could be:

  • a treat,
  • cuddles,
  • attention,
  • play.

So, does your dog do this often?

4. I’m Relaxed And Comfortable

Think about it: if we find a sitting position becoming uncomfortable, we will often cross our legs to readjust. A dog also might cross its paws for nothing more than to readjust its body in search of some added comfort.

3. I Feel Happy And Safe

A dog that crosses its paws is not in a great position to defend itself from threats. They won’t go crossing their paws in an environment that makes them feel:


and anxious.

If you find your dog striking this pose next to you, know that they feel happy and safe with you.

2. I’m Imitating You

We know that dogs will sometimes imitate the postures and behaviors of the people they love.

Some breeds that love to imitate include:

  1. Labradors,
  2. Border Collies,
  3. Poodles.

Your dog loves you and might imitate you regardless of whether you reward them for it.

1. I Want To Tell You Something

Dogs have plenty of tricks in their toolbox of non-verbal signs. Crossing their paws can often mean they are trying to tell you they want something.

They could desire:

  • food,
  • water,
  • or attention.

So if your dog is seemingly bursting with energy, has crossed its paws, and is giving you a look, you know what to do.

I hope I’ve been able to make your dog’s speech a little more understandable with these tips.


In this article, you could see the why do dogs cross their paws.

I hope I’ve been able to clarify some of the signs dogs send us with their paws. Of course, a list like this is never truly complete; there are many other things to keep track of, so stay with us!

I hope you liked top 5 reasons dogs cross their paws.

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