Dog’s Eyes – TOP 7 Signs Your Dog Sends You With Their Eyes!

There are top 7 signs your dog sends you with their eyes, and they want you to know about them. So dog’s eyes are a powerful tool in dog training. So use it.

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What are those 7 signs dogs send us with their eyes?

TOP 7 Signs Your Dog Sends You With Their Eyes

Top 7 signs your dog sends you with their eyes

If you are a dog lover then you must know dog communication. It consists of many non-verbal signs and as you might imagine eyes are one of them.

Now let’s take a look at the…

top 7 signs your dog sends you with their eyes:

7. Eyes Wide Open

If your dog’s eyes are wide open, they’re looking for attention. Dogs love their family members and want them to set aside some time for them. So if your dog is giving you this look, try to spend some time with them!

If you’re looking for ideas on what to do, I made a video on the TOP 10 best games for dogs.

6. A Direct Stare

If a dog is looking straight at you with dilated pupils, a closed mouth, and a stiff body posture shifted slightly forward, you should take this as a warning to back off.

These are signs of aggression, and if you don’t give the dog space, they might attack.

5. A Soft-Eyed Look

In stark contrast to direct stares, a soft gaze with relaxed pupils and a sweeping tail wag tells you your dog loves you.

It’s a sign of feeling safe, contented, and friendly. If you see a dog giving you this look, feel free to go for some pets and cuddles!

4. Squinting

A dog could be squinting for one of a few reasons.

If a dog is squinting while approaching you, it’s a sign of friendship.

On the other hand, if they are squinting and their body shifts backward, it’s a sign of fear. The dog is afraid of something, feels threatened, and might even turn aggressive.

Lastly, your dog could be squinting all the time. If the dog keeps holding either one or both of its eyes closed, it’s a clear sign of eye problems and requires an immediate visit to your veterinarian.

3. Avoiding Your Gaze

With us humans, it’s the most normal thing to look each other in the eyes during a conversation. However, in the world of our beloved pets, it can be a sign of bad manners.

If you’re staring right into a dog’s eyes for an extended period, they will likely look away. It’s a friendly gesture that’s supposed to communicate: “I am not a threat to you. I am being polite and have no desire for conflict.”

It’s a sign of a considerate dog!

2. The Whale Eyes

“Whale eye” is a term we use to describe a dog’s eyes when their white parts (the sclera) become visible. You can often spot it during a dog training session. How come?

Whale eyes are a sign that points to your dog’s confusion and apprehension. When you see the white in their widened eyes, keep in mind that your dog is likely confused or a little frightened.

Trained dogs might also display whale eyes when assessing a situation. While their nose points to the object they’re protecting, their eyes will be scanning over the intruders who are a potential threat.

1. Blinking

There are two main signs your dog could be trying to communicate to you with their blinking. What are they?

If a dog blinks more often than usual, it’s likely a warning sign; they could be in pain. If you believe their eyes are hurting, consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

If a dog only blinks sometimes, there should be no reason to worry. It’s a sign your pet feels relaxed, ready for play, and wants to spend some time with you. Sounds good, right?


In this article, you could see what your dog’s eyes tell you.

I hope I’ve been able to reveal what your dog’s eyes might be telling you and that you are now one step closer to understanding the language of…

…our beloved dogs.

Of course, we can’t hope to cover all of the ways dogs communicate in just one video, so make sure to stick with us as we keep exploring the wonderful world of dogs!

I hope you liked top 7 signs your dog sends you with their eyes.

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