Games For Dogs – TOP 10 Best Games For Dogs That Make Them Happy

Would you like to see the top 10 best games for dogs that will make them happy? Games for dogs are entertaining, but also quite useful for your dog.


Through play, you can:

  • encourage your dog to be
  • innovative and creative,
  • teach your
  • dog how to communicate,
  • teach
  • them the rules of behavior,
  • have them spend their energy.

The most important thing to point out here is that dogs love spending time with their owners, and it makes them happier. Let’s take a look at the list of the…

top 10 best games for dogs that make them happy:

TOP 10 Best Games For Dogs

TOP 10 Games For Dogs

made a research and concluded which are the world’s best games for dogs. If you are looking for a way to entertain your pet than you are in the right place.

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TOP 10 best games for dogs:

10. Chasing Bubbles

Chasing bubbles game for dog

The chasing bubbles game is pretty simple, and it’s easy to teach your dog how to play. When bubbles are in the air, the dog has to catch them before they fall to the ground.

How to encourage your dog to chase after the bubbles?

To start with,…

…catch a few bubbles yourself, to show the dog they’re harmless. Also, try not to make too many of them right away, so they don’t scare your dog!

Make a few bubbles (1 – 3).

Chasing bubbles is a rather simple game you can play with your dog either:

  • indoors
  • or outdoors.

Do pay attention to the liquid you use to create the bubbles, though.

Keep an eye on how your dog is reacting to it. Also, be wary of substances that might be toxic to dogs, or ones that irritate their eyes.


…I advise that you wipe your dog’s face once you’ve finished with the game. Many dogs out there love chasing bubbles.

Are you ready to try it out?

9. Hide-And-Seek

Hide-And-Seek game

Hide-and-seek is another game that will encourage your pet to use their favored sense of smell!

For this game, your dog should be familiar with the wait command, as well as be able to come to you when called.

How to play the hide-and-seek game with your dog?

  1. Tell your dog to wait.
  2. While your dog is waiting, find a hiding place.
  3. Then call the dog to you.
  4. Once they’ve found you, make sure to reward them!

Regardless of their weight, your dog will always enjoy finding you and getting rewarded for it! You can play hide-and-seek both…

…inside the house and outside.

8. Digging

Digging game

Some dogs utterly love digging.

If you don’t want them digging up your yard, it might be a good idea to make them a dig box. Place some soft soil into the dig box, and encourage your dog to dig in that box.

How to make digging more enticing?

If you’d like to strengthen your dog’s desire to dig in the chosen area, bury a bone or a toy there, but make sure they’re watching!

And finally, once they’ve dug out the bone or toy you put there, make sure to…

reward them!

7. Walking And Running

Walking And Running

One easy way to tire out a dog, especially for beginner owners, is walking and running!

 It’s a good idea to keep your dog leashed at first, so you can better coordinate them. When you’re walking, they’re walking. When you speed up, your dog…

…will start to run.

If you own an energetic dog, running is a necessary exercise for:

  • tiring out your dog,
  • making them happier,
  • and preventing them from being destructive.

Running, either with you or with other dogs, is one of their favorite activities.

6. Fetch

Fetch game

Fetch is one of the most popular games for dogs. When you throw something (for example, a ball), your dog has to retrieve it.

Your dog should be familiar with the…

  • “come”
  • and “let go”

…commands. They are fundamental commands, and you’ll be using them to call your dog back to you after they’ve caught the ball, as well as to let go of it once they arrive.

Do dogs find this game fun?

Fetch entertains dogs all around the world. Dogs will often pick up the ball on their own and bring it to you.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Of course, they’re trying to get you to throw the ball, so they can go and fetch it! Be sure to try out this game with your pet.

The next game is merely an upgrade to the classic game of fetch.

5. Fetch In Water

Fetch In Water game for dogs

If you live near a sea, are going on vacation, or have a pool, you should try out throwing toys in the water.

The only thing you…

…have to be careful of is whether the toy will float or sink to the bottom. Naturally, the best toys are balls that float.

Dogs love them, and they’ll gladly go swimming to reach them.

If you ever find yourself in the opportunity, be sure to try this game out with your dog! So, will you…

…try it?

4. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt game for dog

Dogs all over the world love a good treasure hunt.

Treasure hunting is an excellent indoor game for pets, where the only thing you’ll need is dog treats. Of course, treasure hunting will require you to hide some dog treats

…around your home.

Even when you’re not around, or if you’re leaving home for a little while, hiding some treats around the house is a great way to keep your dog entertained.

Why do dogs love treasure hunts so much?

Dogs have an incredibly well-developed sense of smell, and it’s natural for them to want to sniff around when they’re outside.

New smells they…

…come across help stimulate your dog; it’s a great idea to let them sniff around during a walk every once in a while.

The treasure hunting game lets dogs utilize their sense of smell in a fun and exciting way.

And now for the top 3 best dog games. Ready?

3. Tug-of-War

Tug-of-War game for pet

Tug-of-War is very entertaining for dogs. Your dog can play it either with you or with another dog. What do you need for a successful game of tug-of-war?

Ropes and tug-of-war toys…

…are usually very affordable and available in pet stores. You can also make your very own toy by using an old shirt you no longer wear.

You need only to make a rope-shaped toy that dogs won’t be able to tear up easily.

What rules should you set for a game of tug-of-war?

  1. You start the game by using a command.
  2. When your dog’s teeth make contact with your skin, say no and stop the game.
  3. Teach your dog to let go of a toy, and when you command them to let go, they have to let go of it.

You might also be interested in knowing whether letting your dog win could make them more dominant and aggressive.

The short answer is, it won’t.

If you let your dog win now and then, you’ll further intrigue them and show them you’re enjoying yourself in their company.

In conclusion, tug-of-war is a solid, and above all, highly entertaining game.

2. Frisbee

Frisbee game

I believe every one of you will know the rules of this particular game!

So, what you’ll need is a frisbee toy for dogs. You throw it, and your dog has to catch it and bring it back to you.

Why is the frisbee game good for dogs?

It’s good primarily because it satisfies their need to hunt. The game is also rather entertaining and has the potential to exhaust your dog.

Frisbee is like a more advanced version of the fetch game.

To encourage your dog to chase after the frisbee, try throwing it shorter distances, and avoid throwing it directly to your dog.

In just a few moments, you will see the very best game for dogs!

1. Chase

Chase game for dogs

Dogs love to chase.

There are specific toys made for this game, such as flirt poles. Flirt poles are long sticks with a rope attached to one end.

At the other end of this rope is a:

  • lure,
  • ball,
  • or another toy.

A flirt pole allows you to slowly spin the rope while the dogs try to catch it. These games satisfy dogs’ predatory instincts. All dogs, especially hunting dogs, love to hunt.

Chasing games will satisfy this craving in a…

  • modern
  • and entertaining

…way. Suddenly speeding up or quickly moving the pole from side to side will swiftly tire out your dog.

Whether it’s an improvised or purpose-made toy,…

…chasing games are appropriate for all kinds of dogs. Owners from around the world state their dogs adore this game.

Why has this game taken first place on the list?

No previous training is necessary to play a game of chase. It’s incredibly easy and entertaining, and everybody can play it with their dog.

Are you ready to try it out?

Games For Dogs

Games For Dogs

Games for dogs don’t only serve to entertain your dog; they are vital for your dog’s development. Take some time out of your day for your pets and make them happier

…by playing with them.

In the above part, you could see the top 10 best games for dogs. Wanna see a quick list of all games?

Top 10 best games for dogs:

  1. Chase.
  2. Frisbee.
  3. Tug-of-War.
  4. Treasure Hunt.
  5. Fetch in water.
  6. Fetch.
  7. Walking and running.
  8. Digging.
  9. Hide-and-seek.
  10. Chasing bubbles.

If your dog loves some other games, you have suggestions or additional information, feel free to leave a comment below the article.

I would love to hear more!

Final Words

I hope you enjoy the list of top 10 best games for dogs. The list is created so you could find great entertaining ideas for indoor and outdoor playing.

Why dog games?

Games for dogs are fun and helps in dog development. They also stimulate your dog’s needs for physical activity, hunting and et.

Sounds good, does it?

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