Black Dogs – TOP 10 Black Dog Breeds In The World!

Black dogs are irresistible and very popular all over the world. A list of the top 10 black dog breeds in the world showsyou all.

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TOP 10 Black Dog Breeds In The World

Top 10 black dog breeds

All dog lovers love black dog breeds and their beautiful black coats. However, some black dogs possess special characteristics that make them very popular.

Top 10 black dog breeds in the world:

10. The Mudi

The Mudi is a well-known Hungarian herding dog.

Even though I haven’t talked too much about the Mudi in my videos, they are a pretty rare and unique dog breed.

Mudis are:

  • energetic,
  • smart,
  • attentive,
  • lively,
  • brave.

Their coats come in a few different colors, but of course, it’s the black variety that lands them a place…

…on this list.

9. The Croatian Sheepdog

The Croatian Sheepdog is a working dog native to Croatia.

A breed developed over several centuries, their primary role is working with flocks, just as the name would suggest.

Croatian Sheepdogs are:

  • sociable,
  • energetic,
  • smart,
  • agile,
  • attentive.

I was once the lucky owner of a Croatian Sheepdog named Bundek, and I loved that dog with all my heart.

8. The Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff is another ancient dog breed that impresses dog lovers with its massive size and fearsome looks.

Neapolitan Mastiffs are:

  • protective,
  • dominant,
  • fearless,
  • stubborn,
  • obedient.

Sounds good, does it?

7. The Newfoundland

The Newfoundland breed comes from the eponymous Newfoundland island off the east coast of Canada.

They are large, fluffy, kind dogs, and many of them come in black!

Newfies are:

  • friendly,
  • smart,
  • calm,
  • gentle,
  • loyal.

They make for great family dogs.

6. The Black German Shepherd Dog

Although German Shepherds have been one of the most popular dog breeds in the world for many years, the Black German Shepherd, in contrast, is not seen quite as often.

However, they possess all of the excellent traits of German Shepherds.

These dogs are:

  • self-confident,
  • intelligent,
  • obedient,
  • devoted,
  • attentive,
  • hardworking,
  • brave,
  • loyal.

Aside from all those characteristics, they also possess a beautiful black coat.

5. The Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier is an exceedingly…

…friendly as well as a stubborn little dog. These black pups are always on the lookout for adventure, and their owners adore them.

Scottish Terriers are:

  • self-confident,
  • playful,
  • independent,
  • attentive,
  • brave,
  • quick.

4. The Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terriers are beautiful dogs, but they also make for…

…able guardians.

They have a special place in their hearts for their families and love being the center of attention.

Black Russian Terriers are:

  • self-assured,
  • energetic,
  • stable,
  • lively,
  • brave,
  • hardy.

Coming up are the top 3 black dog breeds.


3. The Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a powerful and cherished Italian guard dog breed. No good list of guard dogs is complete without mentioning these intelligent guardians.

Cane Corsos are:

  • protective,
  • attentive,
  • stable,
  • calm,
  • quiet.

They are also smart and devoted to their families.

2. The Black Belgian Shepherd

Black Belgian Shepherds are beautiful black working dogs. They happen to be hard workers and always do their utmost to please their owners.

Belgian Shepherds are:

  • protective,
  • self-confident,
  • friendly,
  • smart,
  • attentive,
  • hardworking,
  • devoted,
  • active.

They love company, and of course, a lot of activity! Now, let’s reveal the number one black dog breed in the world!


1. The Black Labrador Retriever

Black Labrador Retriever

The Black Labrador Retriever is a remarkably kind and likable family dog that loves helping people. Labs are among the most popular dog breeds in the world.

 Labrador Retrievers are:

  • sociable,
  • peaceful,
  • devoted,
  • smart,
  • lively.

Although we often see them in white, Labs can be just as beautiful with a black coat, wouldn’t you agree?

Do you know of any other black dog breeds?

Black Dogs

Black dogs

There are many black dogs but of all dog breeds, I separate the best and most popular ones.

However, if you know you are the owner of one of the breeds that are not on the list please leave a comment down below! Now follows the short overview…

…of top 10 black dogs:

  1. The Black Labrador Retriever.
  2. Black Belgian Shepherd.
  3. Cane Corso.
  4. Black Russian Terrier.
  5. Scottish Terrier.
  6. Black German Shepherd Dog.
  7. Newfoundland.
  8. Neapolitan Mastiff.
  9. Croatian Sheepdog.
  10. Mudi.

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In this article, you could see the list of the top 10 black dog breeds.

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