Runaway Dogs – TOP 10 Dog Breeds Most Likely To Run Away!

Runaway dogs are adventurers and free spirits. List of the TOP 10 dog breeds most likely to run away reveal to you precisely those breeds.

Is this list entirely accurate?

According to manufacturers of GPS dog tracking devices, the top ten dog breeds are the frontrunners when it comes to slipping away from their owners.

Which breeds are those?

TOP 10 Dog Breeds Most Likely To Run Away

TOP 10 dog breeds most likely to run away

I made a research and concluded which are the biggest runaway dogs in the world.

Of all dog breeds,…

…these breeds have the biggest escape per month rate and that is why they are on the list. Sounds logical, does it?

Top 10 dog breeds most likely to run away:

10. The American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a famous and highly popular pet that happens to be our starting point on the list of dogs most likely to run away.

American Bulldogs are:

  • stubborn,
  • loyal,
  • friendly,
  • sociable.

Data suggests bulldogs run away from their homes about 0.9 times a month on average.

9. The Great Dane

The Great Dane is a friendly dog breed that gets along well with everyone and desires its owner’s attention.

Still, at times they feel the need to do some exploring on their own.

Great Danes are:

  • friendly,
  • self-confident,
  • elegant,
  • attentive,
  • gentle,
  • loyal.

Great Danes seem to escape their owners just under 1.2 times a month on average.

8. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard is, unfortunately, one of the shortest-living dog breeds in the world, but by no means are they a breed without a spark for adventure.

Saint Bernards are:

  • friendly,
  • happy,
  • attentive,
  • gentle.

These peace-loving pups wander off on their own roughly 1.2 times a month.

7. The Belgian Malinois Dog

The Belgian Malinois is a hardy, quick, and agile dog that loves absconding from its owner without getting noticed.

Belgian Malinois are:

  • protective,
  • self-confident,
  • friendly,
  • careful,
  • diligent,
  • active.

Although they are highly protective dogs that will defend their owners and livestock herds, within them lies an adventurer’s spirit.

How often do they manage to elude their owners?

As is going to be the case with the next few breeds, data suggests they escape at a rate of 1.2 times a month.

6. The American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terriers are incredibly popular dogs that have been getting associated with dogfighting and aggression…

…less and less with time.

People are increasingly becoming aware of the incredible love these dogs have for their families.

Pit Bull Terriers are:

  • stubborn,
  • receptive,
  • smart,
  • likable,
  • daring,
  • loyal.

But their loving nature isn’t reserved just for their owners; their love for exploration and adventure sees them run off 1.2 times a month on average!

5. The Bluetick Coonhound

The Bluetick Coonhound is a hunting dog with a highly pronounced hunting instinct.

You have to be extra careful with them since they run off after just about anything they consider worthy prey!

Bluetick Coonhounds are:

  • smart,
  • receptive,
  • vocal,
  • active,
  • quick.

 These speedy little hunters are just as quick to run away from home, to the tune of 1.2 times a month on average.

4. The Catahoula Leopard Dog

Catahoula Leopard Dogs are working dogs that primarily served as livestock protectors. Catahoulas prefer to think for themselves.

Catahoulas are:

  • independent,
  • energetic,
  • curious,
  • gentle,
  • smart.

Although they work diligently, Catahoulas are…

…also highly independent and curious dogs with an adventurous spirit. They get away from their owners 1.2 times a month.

Coming up, the top 3 dog breeds most likely to run away from home.

Which breeds are they?

3. The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a large working dog that has oodles of confidence and no fear.

They also make for intelligent guard dogs. However, sitting around and guarding sometimes bores them, at which point they start longing for adventure.

Great Pyrenees dogs are:

  • self-confident,
  • fearless,
  • smart,
  • polite,
  • patient,
  • strong,
  • gentle.

Aside from their excellent physical and protective predispositions, owners can also count on their propensity for running away…

…just over 1.2 times a month.

2. The Bloodhound

The Bloodhound is well-known for its sense of smell, which by all accounts often tempts them away from their homes as well.

Bloodhounds are:

  • stubborn,
  • likable,
  • gentle,
  • active.

They like running away from home 1.5 times a month on average, which affords them second place on this list.

Coming up are the dogs most likely to run away.


1. The Anatolian Shepherd

The Anatolian Shepherd, as its name suggests, is a shepherd dog with impressive guarding characteristics and an added dose of independence.

Anatolian Shepherds are:

  • self-confident,
  • self-sufficient,
  • smart,
  • proud,
  • daring,
  • calm.

They are self-reliant and proud dogs that think for themselves. Their thoughts often lead them to travel.

How often?

At 2.13 escapes per month, they are convincingly ahead of all other dog breeds when it comes to slipping away from their homes.

Runaway Dogs

Runaway dogs

Runaway dogs are well-known free-spirited and adventurous, and the GPS dog tracking device manufacturers provide…

…amazing information.

In the previous part, you could see the top 10 dog breeds most likely to run away and now follow a quick overview.

The greatest runaway dogs are:

  • The Anatolian Shepherd.
  • The Bloodhound.
  • The Great Pyrenees.
  • The Catahoula Leopard Dog.
  • The Bluetick Coonhound.
  • The American Pit Bull Terrier.
  • The Belgian Malinois Dog.
  • The Saint Bernard.
  • The Great Dane.
  • The American Bulldog.

However, is this list entirely accurate?

While the information is correct, there are a few other well-known free-spirited and adventurous dog breeds I’d like to mention.

Which ones?

Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes are among the breeds that have often had to travel long distances in the past due to their geographical location.

They retain this adventurous spirit even today and like to wander off when they get the opportunity.

Some other dog breeds of note:

  • The Afghan Hound,
  • The German Longhaired Pointer,
  • The Hungarian Vizsla,
  • The Šarplaninac.

The list is not exhaustive, so it’s best to look up your specific dog breed to find out whether they fancy adventure.

If you know of…

…a runaway dog breed that I didn’t mention, or you have suggestions or some other information, be sure to leave a comment below.

Will you?

Final Words

In this article, you could see the list of the top 10 dog breeds most likely to run away.

What you should have in mind?

These breeds are born with an adventurous spirit and like to wander off.

Wanna see more lists?

I hope you enjoy the list of runaway dogs and I hope you will enjoy reading them too.

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