Independent Dogs – TOP 10 Dog Breeds You Can Leave Alone At Home!

Wanna see independent dogs that don’t need your attention? Here is the list of top 10 dog breeds you can leave alone at home without fear of separation anxiety.

Why an independent dog breed?

If you love dogs, but are often working and away than independent dogs are an ideal choice for you. These breeds handle solitude better than others.

Now let’s see a list of top 10 dog breeds you can leave alone at home

Shall we?

TOP 10 Dog Breeds You Can Leave Alone At Home

Top 10 dog breeds you can leave alone at home

I made a research and concluded which are the world’s most independent dog breeds. If you are looking for a pet that will be alone at home often than you are on the right place.

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TOP 10 dog breeds you can leave alone at home:

10. The Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are friendly and love children, other dogs, and people.

Other than their friendliness, there are a couple of other traits that make them great for being left alone at home. Which ones?

Basset Hounds are:

  • friendly toward everyone,
  • stubborn,
  • playful,
  • devoted,
  • persistent,
  • gentle.

These dogs’ predominant traits are their stubbornness and laziness. Because of this, it’s easier for them to handle being on their own.

How long they can stay alone?

Still, they handle solitude well for shorter periods. If they’re staying at home for a longer time, such as the…

entire day, they may become destructive.

9. The Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a beautiful, gentle, and above all kind pet that wants to please its owners. That’s precisely why they earned their “American Gentleman” moniker.

Boston Terriers are:

  • intelligent,
  • friendly,
  • gentle,
  • lively.

They are quiet little dogs that shed little and handle loneliness quite well.

They’re excellent dogs for…

  • first-time owners,
  • for both house and apartment living,

…and they can make great pets for both children and retirees. However, they do require daily physical activity, so you have to provide them…

…with enough physical stimulation.

8. The English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is a breed known for its inactivity, stubbornness, and laziness. Sleeping all day on the bed or couch doesn’t present a problem for them.

English Bulldogs are:

  • stubborn,
  • sociable,
  • friendly,
  • kind.

Along with being inactive, they’re not overly loud. With a few brushings per week, they won’t shed too many hairs, and they quickly adapt to both city and countryside living.

All these traits make them excellent independent pets.

7. The Chinese Shar-Pei

The Chinese Shar-Pei is a fiercely independent dog that likes thinking for itself and doing whatever it wants.

Owners all over the world refer to them as the least favorite family dogs. Why?

Chinese Shar-Pei dogs are:

  • independent,
  • protective.
  • devoted,
  • quiet,
  • wary.

Thanks to their independence, they can handle loneliness well, and you can leave them on their own for prolonged periods.

However, you have to be a great owner to them from an early age.

They are an extremely demanding dog breed that needs an assertive owner to bond with and…

…accept them as their leader.

6. The Lhasa Apso

The small Lhasa Apsos used to be personal guard dogs in the past. Today, they are excellent family dogs, but still independent in their unique way.

Lhasa Apsos are:

  • attentive,
  • obedient,
  • devoted,
  • friendly,
  • smart,
  • brave,
  • calm.

Although they are prone to barking due to their protectiveness, they are peaceful little dogs.

They don’t drool or shed much and quickly adapt to smaller spaces such as apartments. They are independent as well and have no trouble staying on…

…their own in the house for prolonged periods.

5. The Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is a small Japanese dog breed known for its fiery temperament. Today, they are primarily pets.

Shiba Inus are:

  • self-confident,
  • charming,
  • attentive,
  • fearless,
  • faithful,
  • sharp.

Shiba Inus are excellent at coping with solitude. They’re great for beginners and will quickly adapt to house or apartment living.

Their only drawbacks

…are their tendency to be somewhat unfriendly to strangers and their pronounced hunting instinct.

They also tend to bark a lot, and they require physical activity.

4. The Basenji

The Basenji is the oldest dog breed in the world. In the past, they used to be hunters.

Today, their excellent characteristics for house and apartment living make them an enticing choice of pet. Which characteristics?

Basenjis are:

  • intelligent,
  • energetic,
  • attentive,
  • curious,
  • playful,
  • polite.

The previously mentioned characteristics don’t single out why they’re especially great for house and apartment living.

The fact is that Basenjis…

  • don’t shed,
  • don’t bark,
  • don’t stink,

…and only require minimal grooming. Sounds good, right? They are also fiercely independent dogs and handle solitude well.

Still, if you’re leaving them outside,…

…make sure your yard is fenced in, so they don’t run away. And now for the top 3 dog breeds that you can leave alone at home.

Let’s take a look.

3. The Otterhound

Otterhounds originated in England and are a highly endangered dog breed.

These dogs are excellent pets, and people are going to great effort to try to increase their population numbers.

Otterhounds are:

  • temperamental,
  • friendly,
  • playful,
  • polite,
  • loud.

They don’t like apartment living and smaller spaces. However, they love living in a house with a big yard.

They have no problems with being left on their own.

However, if you leave them for extended periods, they will find various ways of entertaining themselves,…

…which includes digging and ruining plants.

2. The Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are known for their big personality that exceeds their physical size! Owners adore them, and they’re always among the most popular dog breeds. Why?

Miniature Schnauzers are:

  • intelligent,
  • attentive,
  • obedient,
  • fearless,
  • friendly,
  • witty.

Owners love their desire to be the center of attention because Schnauzers will entertain the whole family with their energy and mischief.

However, they are very independent dogs.

Miniature Schnauzers:

  • adapt very well to life in apartments or smaller spaces,
  • don’t have a particular tendency for barking,
  • can handle solitude,
  • don’t shed much,
  • don’t drool.

These traits all help them land on the very high second place of the list. And now for the most independent house dogs in the world.


1. The Chow Chow

The irreplaceable little lion Chow Chow is a proud, famous, and above all, independent pet. Only great owners succeed in getting these puppies to be good, faithful pets. Why?

Chow Chows are:

  • independent,
  • stubborn,
  • reserved,
  • devoted,
  • quiet.

These dogs are highly independent by nature, so loneliness suits them just fine.

They are reserved, quiet, stubborn, and don’t want to listen to anybody. Their independence also means they rarely get anxious.

Chow Chows can stay alone at home and won’t require any company.

They also:

  • don’t have a great desire for physical activity.
  • don’t shed much,
  • and drool very little.

Although Chow Chows like being on their own, don’t always leave them alone.


They are almost too independent by nature, and their owner needs to be committed to them for…

…them to become good pets.

Independent Dogs

Independent dogs

Independent dogs don’t require you to devote too much attention to them, which is precisely what makes them ideal for some owners.

What kind of owners?

Independent dogs are excellent for owners who:

  • are looking for breeds that don’t require too much care,
  • work a lot and don’t have much time for their dog,
  • often leave home for prolonged periods.

That is why I make the list of the top 10 dog breeds you can leave alone at home. Now follows the quick overview.

What are the most independent dogs in the world?

  1. Chinese Shar-Pei.
  2. Fox Terrier.
  3. Dachshund.
  4. Chow Chow.
  5. Chihuahua.
  6. Dalmatian.
  7. Weimaraner.
  8. Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog – Sharplaninac.
  9. Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
  10. Catahoula Leopard Dog.
  11. Beagle.
  12. Jack Russell Terrier.
  13. Siberian Husky.
  14. Akita.
  15. Border Collie.

Certain dog breeds get very attached to their owners and want constant companionship. The separation is bad for them.

How bad?

Without enough attention, these dogs will be:

  • destructive,
  • unsatisfied,
  • depressed,
  • anxious.

On the other hand, independent dogs don’t require you to devote too much attention to them.

Sounds good, does it?

However, you should know that dogs are animals who lived in packs. Even the most independent dogs will need your company.

If you don’t want to commit to your dog, it’s better not to get one.

Final Words

In this article, you could see the list of top 10 dog breeds you can leave alone at home. Ok, I know there are many dog breeds.

However, I made research and point out the best.

To conclude

independent dogs are just pets and they want attention from time to time. So provide them some time.

Will you?

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