White Dogs – TOP 10 White Dog Breeds!

White dogs count themselves among some of the most popular and sought after breeds in the world.


Top 10 white dog breeds show that these dogs possess a gorgeous white coat which is astonishing.

Don’t you agree?

If you’re looking for pets that possess a specific look (in this case, a white coat), then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve singled out the very best ones!

Now let’s take a look at the list of the top 10 white dog breeds:

TOP 10 White Dog Breeds

Top 10 white dog breeds

Of all dog breeds, I gathered the ones with the most beautiful white coat.


People all around the world adore white dogs so I think we need to check what makes them so special. Agree?

Top 10 white dog breeds:

10. The American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo Dog is a lovely little white pup that belongs to the Spitz family. They make for playful and smart little family pets.

American Eskimo Dogs are:

  • protective,
  • peaceful,
  • reserved,
  • smart,
  • attentive.

They have a dense white coat that requires brushing three times a week and a bath at least once every six weeks, which should ensure it…

…remains healthy and beautiful.

9. The West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier, also known simply as Westie, is a highly popular little white dog.

What’s their secret?

Westies are happy and loving dogs that always seem ready to have a good time.

West Highland White Terriers are:

  • friendly,
  • daring,
  • attentive,
  • active.

They should only require brushing twice a week to keep them looking up to snuff.

8. The Dalmatian

Dalmatians are well known as highly energetic pets that seemingly never get bored of running around and keeping active.

Dalmatians are:

  • friendly,
  • energetic,
  • playful,
  • sensitive,
  • smart,
  • active.

As far as their looks are concerned, they have a primarily white coat, which is almost entirely white when they’re still puppies.

As they grow, little black spots start appearing on their coats.

These markings give them a:

  • unique
  • and distinctive look.

Although they don’t have a long coat, they do shed a lot and will require regular brushing to minimize it.

As far as bathing goes,…

…a few times a year should be enough to keep your Dalmatian looking clean and healthy.

7. The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a large and majestic white livestock guard dog.

Apart from their white coat, they possess great elegance, magnificence, an athletic build, and a warm personality.

Great Pyrenees dogs are:

  • self-confident,
  • fearless,
  • smart,
  • patient,
  • strong,
  • gentle.

When it comes to grooming, these gentle giants are very low-maintenance.

They shed a lot, but a few brushings per week should quickly clean up the dirt, so there’s not much need…

…for regular bathing.

6. The Dogo Argentino

If you prefer your dog to be muscular, powerful, and of an athletic build, you should consider the white-coated Dogo Argentino breed.

Argentine Dogos are:

  • protective,
  • cheerful,
  • energetic,
  • polite,
  • loyal.

Although they aren’t overly friendly to anyone, they will always be loyal and protective of their families.

The Dogos tend to shed very little.

Although their hairs are smaller and trickier to notice, they do still shed a bit, and you should make sure to…

…brush them once a week.

5. The Bichon Frise

The highly popular curly little Bichon Frise is known for its hypoallergenic white coat and great personality.

Bichon Frises are:

  • playful,
  • sensitive,
  • gentle,
  • loyal,
  • happy.

When bathed and brushed, the Bichon’s coat stands off its body, giving them a fluffy appearance.

However, keeping their curly hair in top condition will require regular grooming, which includes brushing at least twice a week.

Otherwise, they might start to develop skin problems.

4. The Pomeranian

We don’t have to waste too many words on talking about the looks of the sweet and gorgeous little Pomeranians.

These pups have a…

  • dense
  • and soft

…double coat. However, the little bundles of joy require a great deal of care. To keep their hair healthy and good-looking, you should brush it thrice a week.

Pomeranians should…

…also get a bath at least once every two months. These dogs don’t only look gorgeous; they happen to be very playful little snowflakes!

Pomeranians are:

  • friendly,
  • sociable,
  • intelligent,
  • playful,
  • open,
  • active.

Now let’s take a look at the top 3 white dog breeds!

3. The White Swiss Shepherd Dog

If you’re on the lookout for a beautiful, elegant white dog, you can’t go wrong with a Swiss Shepherd.

They share a common ancestor…

…with German Shepherds, and they tend to have quite similar traits as well. The Swiss Shepherd, however, is a touch less aggressive, serious, and much more playful.

Swiss Shepherds are:

  • protective,
  • smart,
  • attentive,
  • lively.

White Swiss Shepherds possess an immaculate coat that’s white as snow. They require brushing at least twice a week to keep it looking healthy and…

…prevent excessive shedding.

2. The Maltese

Maltese dogs are another highly popular white dog breed. So,…

what makes them unique?

Their small size, gorgeous white hair, friendliness, and cuteness are all to thank for their high levels of popularity.

Maltese dogs are:

  • adaptable,
  • affectionate,
  • relaxed,
  • playful,
  • obedient,
  • polite,
  • lively,
  • gentle.

These pups will adapt to every family; however, they require a lot of attention and always want to be by your side.

They shed little, but you should make sure to groom your Maltese once or twice a week.

1. The Samoyed

The large, majestic, elegant white Samoyed leaves nobody indifferent to its looks.

Samoyeds are:

  • friendly,
  • stubborn,
  • sociable,
  • playful,
  • smart,
  • attentive,
  • lively,
  • gentle.

These Siberian beauties possess a stunningly white dense double coat.

Along with their mouths that make them look as if they’re always wearing a smile, it makes them distinct and recognizable all over the world.

As far as grooming,…

…Samoyeds require brushing twice a week and bathing no less than once every two months.

White Dogs

White dogs

Do you know any other white dog breeds? White dogs are very popular and dog lovers all around the world adore them.


As you could see in the list they possess beautiful white fur. In the previous part, you could see the top 10 white dog breeds and now follow a quick overview.

Top 10 white dogs:

  1. The Samoyed.
  2. The Maltese.
  3. The White Swiss Shepherd Dog.
  4. The Pomeranian.
  5. The Bichon Frise.
  6. The Dogo Argentino.
  7. The Great Pyrenees.
  8. The Dalmatian.
  9. The West Highland White Terrier.
  10. The American Eskimo Dog.

Did you like the list? I am certain you do. Also, if you’ve got one that would fit well into this list, or you have suggestions be sure to leave a comment down below.

Will you?

Final Words

In this article, you could see the list of the top 10 white dog breeds.

Do you like white dogs?

If so I am sure you have found one that will make a perfect fit for you and your family. Am I right?

Wanna see more lists?

I hope you enjoy the list and I hope you will enjoy reading them too.

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