TOP 6 Saddest Dogs On Earth – TRY NOT TO CRY!

Looking for a try not to cry challenge with dogs? Millions of animal lovers all around the earth cry watching this video.


Top 6 saddest dogs on earth provide dog lovers irresistible emotional moments. They just can’t hold back the tears.

Are you ready for the try not to cry challenge with dogs?

Top 6 Saddest Dogs On Earth

Top 6 saddest dogs on earth

If there ever existed a sad video that this is it. Dogs that cry are so emotional that even people who don’t love animals will let go of a tear.

Top 6 saddest dogs on earth compilation have:

  • a dog separated from the cow he grew up with,
  • a dog that separates from a beloved member,
  • a dog that is abandoned and scared,
  • a dog hugging a loved one,
  • and more.

So I point out the top emotional video clips on the earth. In these videos, dogs cry and it saddens almost anyone.

So are you ready to take the challenge?

Can Dogs Cry? Is Your Dog Sad?

As you can see in the video clips dogs can cry. There are many videos on the internet that prove dogs can shed tears.


…dogs do not feel sadness the same way as we humans do. What does it mean? It means that dogs express sadness in various ways. How?

Signs your dog is sad are:

  1. Shaking.
  2. Whining.
  3. Crying.
  4. Barking for attention-seeking.
  5. Changes in eyes – white eyes and blinking frequently.
  6. Hiding or escaping.
  7. Diarrhea.
  8. Reduced appetite.
  9. Ears pulled back.

So now you know 9 signs that dogs are sad. If your dog cries because it is sad I suggest you try to calm it down with dog therapy music. Also, be careful!


Dogy crying might be a sign of some serious problems. Rather than crying dogs shed tears because of some eye problems.

Why do dogs crying?

  • Surface of dog eye is damage.
  • Eye infection.
  • Allergies.

So if you suspect of some health problems you need to visit ver immediately.



Try not to cry challenge with dogs is made for all dog lovers that want to test their love for dogs and pets in general.

Are you one of those suspicious dog lovers?

If so then this is an ideal opportunity to prove that you love dogs. Don’t you agree? Also, there are many other challenges you might wanna try?

Most popular challenges:

So if you think that dogs can’t be fun you must see try not to laugh videos. There I pointed out the funniest video clips on the earth.

I know you will like it.

Final Words

Do you think that nothing can make you cry? Well, I think you are wrong. Dog crying is so emotional that every dog lover, pet lover, and animal lover…

…will start crying.

I separate video clips of the top 6 saddest dogs on earth and put them into one video. These try not to cry challenge is a real test for everyone.

So try to pass it and tell us the result in the comment section.

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