Pet Toxic additives

Food Allergies in Dogs

Dogs can be allergic to nearly any specific ingredient found in food. But, more importantly, bad dog foods contain awful additives that really wreak havoc allergy-wise.

What does chocolate do to dogs

What Does Chocolate Do to Dogs | Chocolate Poisoning Symptoms in Dogs

Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about little puppies. – Gene Hill Everyone, including you, will be passionate about dogs and the above two proverbs are just two praiseworthy sentences about our loyal friends. There were times in a prehistoric period when the man used to: hunt and live ….alone. In due course of…


Why Dogs Eat Grass – 7 Possible Reasons for Eating Grass Explained

For dog owners, their pets are the center of their world. It’s an amazing feeling to go back home and be with a furry friend, who is ever excited to welcome you and pounces on you, the very moment you enter the home. In the initial stages,… ,,,you will be observing every new gesture of…