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I'm a dog food judge. I specialize in examining dog food nutrition so that I can recommend you food that will preserve your dog's health and extend his life. Good food will help you prevent dog health problems like obesity, diabetes, pancreatitis, gastroenteritis, nutritional imbalance, and many others. Also, by preventing serious illnesses you won't have to pay huge veterinarian bill later.

Ticks on Dogs | How to get rid of Fleas on Dogs | Dog Flea Medicine

“My dog has fleas!” You might be the one screaming this if you just found out that your dog has a parasite. The presence of fleas in your dog’s fur does not only cause irritation to your dog but can pose a serious… threat and risk …when it comes to its health. Either your dog…

Dog breeding

How to Breed Dogs – Best Large and Small Dog Breeds

Before we dwell on the process of breeding dogs, the very first step that one should take is to have knowledge with the important matters to consider breeding. This would include the breed of the dog that you want to have. There are many breeds to choose from, from large to small ones, from smart…

dog heat

How Long Does a Dog Stay In Heat – When to Spay a Dog?

Estrus or heat is the step in the dog breeding cycle, during which the female dog is receptive to the male coupling. At that time, estrogen levels will initially increase and then decrease sharply and mature free eggs from the ovaries. Ideally, your dog must be sterilized before entering the first heat cycle. Before knowing…